22 November 2009

Storytelling through photography

Something that I try to do with my photographs is tell a story through the eyes of the subject. How they are feeling and just grab a slight glimmer of who they are. 

Today while I was searching for something completely different, I ran across an exquisite website and story that moved me to my core. I thought it would be something that should be shared.
The artist, and writer who so eloquently captured me is Phillip Toledano. If you click on the image, you can follow the link to this site. I hope it is enjoyed equally.

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18 November 2009


Head shots are always interesting. Trying to capture the basics of a person's looks for function, while still adding my special personality capture in there also.

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12 November 2009

Digital Output and Light Magenta

Something I have noticed of late is the blinking of the "out of ink" light on my printer, and the necessity to visit Hunt Photo and Video Store on quite a frequent basis. Now,let me put this in a realistic light...

I am able to print my images the way I want them. And I do not need to repeat 15 times to the clerk behind the counter that I have already color corrected them, and they need to simply print to matte paper and be SURE there are no scratches or streaks. Only to find streaks and my images bound so tightly into a box that I need a blow torch to release them and then return them to have them reprinted the day they are to be framed.

But, the down side.. I am funding every print shop, ink jet and paper company on the east coast to get my work ready for this potential show.

In NO WAY am I complaining, this is my FIRST SOLO show that will NOT be in a coffee shop, liquor store, or friend's home. I am beside myself with excitement. But, who would have thought... Light Magenta... Light Magenta... would be the bane of my existence..

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