22 December 2009

Thanksgiving for Christmas... What?

Each year brings on different forms of thanksgiving. One would think, once I list some of mine that all might seem negative, but really they all are VERY positive. Each experience brought me that much closer to what has brought me some peace. Though, I will admit not without bumps and scrapes along the way. 
The beginning of the year started with me very unhappy in a position that I thought might push me to a permanently unhealthy state.  To the point that my body was literally breaking down on me. In real and painful and in some cases hard to treat without other repercussions. One day, before coming into my full time day job (I had a part time job working with an international artists' association which I enjoyed and I was also an adjunct professor) I went to an early morning Dr appointment making me late. I sent an email to my boss. Upon walking in the door, before I was settled, I was asked if "we could chat". Well.. of course... the false caring chit chat into the conference room where lo and behold 4 others I have never worked with in the office before and one of the HR "directors" were sitting. I giggled internally. But, I also had my cell phone with me, so I sent a txt to my director at the international group and secured that position prior to the end of this meeting (in which I was not listening and was looking forward to getting home to relax and get some lunch) So, as you can gather... Laid off and hired within 15 minutes.
Imagine this... my health changed immediately. During this experience, I began to meet more artists in Boston and from other countries and learn how they work and how projects were created. It was a wonderful experience. I also took on a Temp position at Adobe doing Quality Assurance. IT is hard to let go of something you have been doing for 12 years even though it makes you miserable. I think I always thought it was the companies, and then this last one, prior to Adobe, I thought maybe it was because I was such an awful miserable person (but that was their passive aggressive tactics, as I have seen in another friend's plight in another company almost to the letter). This is not the case. I no longer enjoyed QA. I NEEDED to get out of a toxic environment for me. My project was coming to an end, and finally was terminated. A way out.. Scary as it may have seemed at the time.. it is the BEST thing that EVER happened.

During the summer I took on teaching a lot of courses all at once. Thoroughly burned myself out, so I took a lot of trips all over the US.. a few to CA, and one to South Beach then back to MA to sit and reevaluate what my next plan was. 
Elisabeth Neville Photography began... for real this time. The backdrops that were leaning against a wall for 3 years, the lights I purchased and only used for my thesis, the skills I had learned from so many talented professors and artists, I finally had the opportunity. I have worked towards showing and starting a business. to this date I am doing both.
Now, there have been a few issues, for example last week, I had an accident. Not only was it an accident, but it was one for the papers, and I found out also briefly on the news. 
Yes, well I had a rollover accident on Rt 93 southbound in the Tip O'Neil tunnel. Not only did I have a rollover, but I had a 5 roll - rollover. This is where the end to the thanksgiving story comes. 

Yes, I know... you were waiting for the answer to :
"Why is she writing about Thanksgiving when it is CLEARLY Christmas time?"

Answer: I am BEYOND Thankful for ALL of the following...

1. A company that was toxic paid me to leave, and I had another job before I was even out of the meeting telling me I was being paid to leave.
2. My health got 99.9% better
3. Got closer to my Artistic Goals
4. Removed the 12 year burden that was holding me down and back
5. Two shows coming up in the new year. Both Solo
6. I survived a significant accident with bruises, cuts and concussion

7. Most importantly, throughout all of this the support I have received from my family, from my Northeastern family and all of my loving friends who have helped me, and allowed me to photograph them, and now.. The friends and family that are driving me around and helping me out while I recover.. (You all know how hard it is for me to ask for help.. thank you for just dealing with me and helping me regardless.)


I am SO thankful for you ALL! Have a wonderful Holiday!!!

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13 December 2009


The importance of Advertising is becoming more and more clear to me as time goes by. I am realizing that simply speaking the words that I have gone out on my own is not quite enough. I must now actually SHOW that I have done the deed. Well. Here it is. I have done it. I am now, advertising my site and my work and I am off to the races on the first steps.

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02 December 2009


Here are a few images of wedding portraiture. The beautiful bride and groom on a fun but, rainy day in New Hampshire. She could not have been more beautiful and her family was wonderful and the group was fun. The portraits of the bride and groom are the most enjoyable and happiest parts of the shoot for me.

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01 December 2009

New Cameras

Something I realized through teaching digital is my love of film. Inters tingly enough as much as I used to complain about the film and the processing and the time required, I am missing exactly that. 
Recently a friend of a close friend handed down bags and bags of camera equipment. Within these many bags were studio lighting packages, and 2 beautifully maintained medium format cameras.

I am inspired and now working on a new project. Getting the subjects to pose for this cause that I feel so very strongly about will be the challenge. Not only will I be opening myself up to vulnerability but also those who have faced a similar life experience. 40x50. What a challenge. Off I go...

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