27 December 2010

Mary Virginia Swanton Moved her blog!

Check out her blog, Lots of new information and here it is..


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19 December 2010

Here is a great talk on How to publish your photo book

and more information here

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15 November 2010

Perceptions - Jamaica Plain First Baptist Church - November 16 5:30 - 8pm

Hope to see you there! :)

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31 October 2010

Long time no see!

Oh my... It has been FAR too long.. What have I been doing? Well... I have been getting my classes together for the semester, teaching the Fall semester, preparing for the winter semester, getting ready for the spring semester, and also... (drum roll please.. )getting ready to move into my studio space! 400 Square feet and 80 foot ceilings! What more could I ask for? It is easy to get to if I do NOT have a car and it is easy to get to when I DO have a car. I have 2 GREAT studio mates that I MAY or MAY NOT see. I can shut the doors or leave them open. I can bring Milo....
Wonderful! Just WONDERFUL!
OH, and I think I forgot to mention, I do NOT need to take the backdrops down right after a shoot, and I can do my sewing there, and I can cut patterns there and not have an animal walk across it or the fabric. (As long as he is not there with me) I have space.. SPACE....)
SO exciting! I am FINALLY moved in. I have mostly everything there except my work. I need to get that there and then I need to get some of it ready to move to another show that I am preparing for in November in Jamaica Plain.

So.. now that I have some time AND space! I will get back to updating on my work and my photography! WHEW! Sorry about the long sabbatical!

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26 August 2010

Upcoming Excitement!

I must admit I am VERY excited about the upcoming classes in October in Natick. Thanks to a friend (Thank you very much Nancy!!!) I am all signed up for the classes taught by this man. The video itself makes me want to sit in the room and wait for him to arrive and soak in his 4.5 hours of knowledge!!!

So.. now for the waiting.. the thing I am SO very good at!... NOT!

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20 August 2010

Jamaica Plain First Thursdays in Sept!

How much fun is THIS?! September 2, 2010 6pm - 10pm (6-8pm artist reception, 8-10pm after party) 

  • Temple Sound and Stage
  • 670 Centre Street
  • Jamaica Plain
I am VERY excited about it. I will be showing lots of work at this show. AND I am excited to say that I do not have to hang it myself. I am taking the advice of my uncle John, and utilizing the option to have the interns and as the curator called it "minions" hang it. What I am hoping is some of them will be neck-less little yellow guys with cute voices.

I hope to see some folks I know there.. and some that I do not know! It sounds like it will be a great time! I hope to see you all there!

Jamaica Plain's First Thursdays is: “Each first Thursday of the month, businesses along Centre and South Streets are transformed into galleries featuring works from local artists. Opening receptions at each location, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., offer a chance to meet the artists, enjoy refreshments, and experience JP's fabulous businesses in an entirely new light. Artworks usually remain on display for the remainder of the month.”

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18 August 2010

Observe - focus - shoot - move on...

Something I have been working on with my students and have had some success, is documentary photography. One photographer that has been on display in the Boston Public Library is Jules Aarons. He has a wonderful eye for street photography/documentary. The eye he has for the sights and sounds of Boston are wonderfully observant. I adore his work, as if my gushing is not giving that away. (I believe I have also brought him up in previous posts.)
Through my lessons in class I send my students out to observe their surroundings. Each project up to this is to observe objects closer and closer to the point that everything around them becomes a heightened sense.
Through searches and hits and facebook connections and memberships etc etc, something crossed my path that is the PERFECT example for what I am trying to get across to my students for street photography. Here it is:

in-public's 10 book slideshow from Paris Slideluck Potshow 23rd June 2010 from Nick Turpin on Vimeo.

Similar to this example, I want them to blend into their surroundings. I want them to just carry their camera and be ready to shoot. I want them to be comfortable with the settings and have their camera ready to shoot and just hold it with confidence and become invisible.. bring up the camera.. shoot.. move on..
I walk around the classroom like a fool seemingly every class in the documentary class showing how I do this. With my camera sttrap wrapped around my wrist, my camera set to the environment I am in and ready to go.. All I need to do is observe - focus - shoot and move on.
Observe - focus - shoot - move on...

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17 August 2010


So I am trying the pin up shots. It was really fun to shoot. And to be using the fun backdrop colors. I think though that I finally came to the conclusion with this shoot that I NEEDED to get studio space.. SO.. I finally pulled the trigger..
65 Sprague St Hyde Park here I come!!! Yahooooo!!!!! I am VERY excited!!! More on that later!

For now, here is one from the shoot in the space at the house. VERY congested. VERY cramped.. But.. here is one!

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01 August 2010

Yummy food and a great shoot

Last week before leaving for Chicago I had a great shoot with a woman who owns a great business. Debra's Natural Gourmet's owner, Debra Stark asked me to do her head shots. I was honored. Her business is a brilliant idea and there is SO much great information. Recipies, food information, events, everything. I say check it out. ALSO.. look how gorgeous the owner is!

Debra's Natural Gourmet
If you select the image, you will go to her site!

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31 July 2010

Moving pictures with sound

What a talented family that Bello family is. Lisa and Louie both have incredible voices and presence. I have seen them both perform and have walked away amazed from either. Now I am sitting looking at videos of each of these two talented and gorgeous singers. What a family.

The video for Louis I am posting is directed by Fransisco Santiago and the song is, "Someday" which he wrote and is singing beautifully.

Now that you have seen ONE of the awesome videos, here is a teaser of Lisa's awesome voice and talents shown! Vassili Shields directed it it is titled "Leave me Alone!". All I can say is what a family!

Check them out!!!

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19 July 2010

My FAVORITE Artist, and I have to share!

One artist I have come across that I brought to light a while ago and I think I need to update everyone on is my hero and best friend since birth. My father, Rev. Dr. Joseph Neville. The man that can do everything. He ran track and won lots of awards and trophys and awards to colleges and went to college and achieved great things and continues to achieve and grow and wow people every day. Whatever he pics up he becomes a master within days or weeks. Piano? Done! Sketching? Done! Painting? Done! School? Done! Respect? Done! Love of all of those he meets? Immediate!
I cannot say enough. I beam every time I see more of what he just does naturally. I have been working on images for a 60 piece show (date still in the air) and he went out.. proud of me.. and built the frames, and each one is perfect! The rest is on me to put work worthy of the frames, the gallery space, and name within them. No small feat I tell you!

But, what has he completed recently? Portraits of all (including himself), but one of his siblings and his parents, and compiled them into one image.. So, I must share.. with as much pride as I possibly can!!! Here it is!

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12 July 2010

The opening

It went well. I was a little late to it, but that was mainly due to my holding onto the handle of the door of my apartment and my partner saying to me over and over again.. "Come on Lisa.. you are great! You can do this!" He was right, I made it through.

A fairly large turnout came. Many of my mentors were there and that was heartwarming. It really put me at ease. What was actually really fun for some of the attendants of the show, I think anyway, was the models of some of the images were there.
I could hear people as they walked by.. "Hey, isn't that the one in...?"
"I think I just saw the guy that was in the ..."

Some of my students came and walked around, which was a really nice thing to see. I felt a little uncomfortable inviting them to my showing. I did not want them to feel as though they were required to go, or even had to pretend to be interested in the least. But, lo and behold, there they were. In fact, some non students and peers were there which meant a great deal to me also. It was wonderful to have the outpouring of support for such a first event.

Lots of lessons to be learned on the first solo show though. Lots of lessons. The main one being, leave a lot of time, and ASK for help when I need it. Though, this is really not a NEW lesson for me, I think I really need to incorporate it more into my life again. I had been offered help, and I took it as the common "just ask me" and then when you ask.. oh I have to go um.. yeah wash my dog's shoes. Well, now, I am jumping on it the second someone asks.

(I have written this down, let's see if I follow it. I guess someone gets to say  I told you so.)

What I want to say most of all is: Thank you to Melissa R for helping me transport and carry the images to the venue, and more importantly for hanging and being a calming support. Dave A. for loving me and flying in to be there with me for my first show and being all that you are (AND for taking all of the pictures that are posted on my blog today!). My family, friends, mentors, peers, professors, supporters, students, everyone who helped, came and hopefully will continue to support my work. Thank you all for making my first solo show a success!

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06 July 2010

Show is up and ready to be viewed... almost

This morning I awoke to an email... a newsletter sent out to all that were on the mailing list for the Wine Gallery. YIPE is all I could say. It is really happening. All of those pictures I had spent hours shooting, lighting, thinking about, framing... and finally hanging (with most of the help and hanging done by a friend who knew what she was doing...) were off of the table and up on a wall. People were going to be going into a space, and some would be people I do NOT know. Some will be overly critical. Some will be OVERLY nice. Some will just be there for the wine tasting.
Some will just be there because they are family and could care less about my artwork, but are more going in support of me. But I am truly grateful for every single person who shows up. But, admittedly scared to death!!!

I have all of the work up. And now it is all about the finishing touches and being ready to go. So.. now I am off and running. Here are a couple sneak previews of the space with the work up and their junk
in the way.

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27 June 2010


Yesterday, was a typical Saturday morning. Half asleep I stumble out of bed, trip over the cats and my dog to put food in the bowls. Put some fresh water in the bowls and get Milo ready to go outside. As he ran by me and sprinted out into the yard to do his crazy puppy run aimlessly in circles I looked at the fence and the hydrangea that is beginning to bud at the gate. Then I looked again.. Then I realized... I was not hallucinating... I was seeing what I thought. The largest most beautiful dragonfly I have ever seen.

Not only was the patterning on the back of its head gorgeous but the wings were undamaged and shimmering in the light. I could not stop staring and quickly remembered to run into the house to get my camera. Poor Milo was sitting on the porch patiently realizing he was NOT going to be chased around the yard by me, but this outside trip was only going to be a functional trip for him.

I have to share the beauty of this insect.

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04 June 2010

A summer arts program in Assisi

What a wonderful experience. Italy in the summer with other musicians, singers, dancers, writers, composers, filmmakers, visual artists, performance artists, actors, and photographers ... wow!!!

The Duane Arts Institute has a great opportunity. Check it out!

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29 May 2010

Wine Gallery First Announcement July Opening

Hi Everyone,

Please join me at the Wine Gallery on July 8, 2010 from 6-8PM for an opening of my work. Please link to my website for more details: www.elisabethneville.com

Opening Reception with Artist:

July 8th 2010
Wine Gallery
375 Boylston Street
Brookline, MA 02445
6-8 PM

Invite everyone and pass the word!

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07 May 2010

Marine Week Boston 2010

Driving around the city yesterday, somewhat randomly with a friend, we ran across a mural being created. As one who is completely enamored with murals in general I NEEDED him to stop. Immediately. And, as luck would have it, I actually had my camera with me. This is something I am trying my BEST to do more often. I think that it was a great example of WHY I should just yesterday.

The Marines are in town.. now.. other than this being highly interesting to me.. I LOVE Marines.. well and some Navy guys.. (I must admit..). This was a group of Marines painting a mural as a collaborative effort with Boston. It was a BEAUTIFUL piece of work. I got to speak to some of the artists and see close up their work. It was great. They designed it themselves and were out there painting it, rain or shine.

I just need to share this beautiful work. The unveiling ceremony for the completed mural is today. It is described as "Hyde Park's Kelly Field. It's a group of Combat Camera Marines creating the Marine-designed mural at Hyde Park's Kelly Field as part of a community outreach project for Marine Week Boston." by U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Michael A. Blaha who spent some time talking to me about their work. I feel privileged to have met them and see the work they are doing.

Click the image to see more..

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06 May 2010

End of one .. onto the Next

What have I been doing?? I fell off the radar. Planning for next semester, grading for this semester, trying to get a semester of non-art majors to understand the art department and art. Trying to stop receiving emails with their grade broken down into the Pi + 3/45 to the Nth on a Thursday is SURELY an A+ and I MUST have made a mistake in my calculations. It is too bad, and I guess I remember when I used to think that the % I got in my grade would make a difference to ANYONE other than me. In fact, in grad school I remember redoing an assignment that was an A- because I was so disappointed in myself. This though, I do not believe to be the same thing. I believe this to be more of a "This is an art class.. we should ALL be getting an automatic A". But kiddos, there is far far more to it than that. They think I am a tough grader.. The suggested grades by those above me we far far lower than the ones that I gave out. I was very easy on them. But, that is neither here nor there. I will continue to answer emails asking why Susie is not an A+ in my class when they got a B- on an assignment. Ahh the life.. I read my friend Michele's blog about teaching in high school and well.. hmm.. yes.. I think that is about all I need to say.

After the grading, I decided to take a few days to unwind.. When was the last time I did that? I do not know. I DO know though, that my father was reminding me to take R&R and to TRY to at least get SOME down time. Well, that was blown away with the emails from students.. but.. NOW I am trying to get the new semester ready and to also get my work ready for my shows. Lots and lots to do. So, I think TOMORROW might be the day.. I will try to relax. I only have one thing I was supposed to do and I think I may make it me time. One last day.. rather.. ONE DAY of me time. If it is possible. We will see if it works out though..

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23 April 2010

Personalities of Couples

Couples are always fun to photograph. This couple in particular is adorable and they really are just sweet from the inside out. Trying to capture that was very easy.
Here I present ... Megan and Andrew one of my favorite couples to photograph.

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18 April 2010

Teaching versus Classes

I have been looking at my own work as I have been teaching. I am realizing that I have not been pushing my own work as much as I used to. I am very proud of the work my students do and how far they have come from the beginning of the semester to the end. I see the first photos they have when I send them out with their cameras and their brains are full of f-stops and apertures and they are looking at me thinking "Is this chick crazy"? She wants us to come back with what? Pffft!

Then At the end of the semester, the biggest issue is, "Am I going to come up with the best assignment?", "I thought I had a great idea until I saw his/hers." and on and on. but honestly, I am almost beaming with the advancement of their work. They are all incredible in their own way.

As for my own work.. I have been stagnating. I was just talking to a friend of mine who is a photographer who is so very talented, (Kati Decker) and I would love to have as a guest blogger on my site, and she suggested something that was SO simple that I just did not even think of it. Take a class myself. The last classes I took were in grad school. Why didn't I think of it? We talk about all of these advancements we both want to make in our work and we give each other hints and sites and book ideas and camera equipment ideas, but the simplest thing... I simply did not think of. Take a class.

So.. This is something I Will be planning on after the summer 1 semester when I am teaching 8 classes. BRILLIANT...

What is the funniest thing, is the theory that was one of the most important I was taught in grad school, yet.. CLEARLY not grasped.. K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid) Well, that is my plan! Thank you Gina Kamentsky!

In fact, something that Gina did that is absolutely incredible. Over many many months of work on little tiny film with tiny tiny brushes, Gina did this film. The work is incredible and the music is great. I cannot tell you how brilliant I think she is. Yes, this is off topic, but she was one of my professors while getting my MPS and now one of my good friends. I am still amazed by her work.
This is called House Bunny

 PLEASE click this link and watch it.. It is WELL worth it! Gina is a GENIUS in my mind!

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05 April 2010

Window Seats

While sitting looking at all of the information flying by on Twitter and all of the mindless information on Facebook. I did see a lot of comments about a video that had caused a great deal of controversy. I wondered what it was all about. No where was I able to see this video and all of the hubbub.. bub..

FINALLY I was able to make a decision and see something to make my own determination. Once again it was a matter of, if you do not want your children to see something, do not allow them to stare, or explain what they are seeing. What video am I talking about? I am talking about Erykah Badu's "Window Seat" video. Quite honestly I find it to be quite an engaging piece of work. I think it is maybe one of her best. The music, the words and the placement of where it was shot all tells a very engaging story. I am saddened that the point of the story is missed.. once again.

I DO hope though that the publicity is making this more of a debate and more something that pushes people to open their minds and see more of what this brilliant woman is saying. JFK had a lot of good. He also did a lot of shady dealings and did die a martyr, but this is not what this is about. Listen to the words of this song, think about where it is shot, think about her being shot bare to the world in front of the grassy knoll. Think of all of the representation and imagery that is in this. It is SO much more than her nakedness, it is about the imagery and statement. PLEASE make that effort. Imagery and statement.This is a beautiful piece of artwork created by the mind and soul and voice of Erykah Badu.

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01 April 2010

Return to Botanical

You know... When I was in school there was a seminar I took, not really a class and not at all related to my degree where someone misguided me and told me ... yes... told me that taking photos of flowers was  not good. For some reason, I was in a desperate to succeed and please mindset and I listened.

I am still of the mindset that I want to succeed in this field, and that I still want to sell my work. I still believe that it is important to stick to my own beliefs and not let someone else put their own ideas into my head. I do not really know why I let this happen. There was even a class where I told THEM that this was not a good thing to do. And for this I am sorry. It was stupid of me to take this one person's ignorance and lay it on them.

What is the difference between capturing the beauty of a sunset and the beauty of a flower? There is nothing. There is no argument there. And there should NOT be an argument there. Both are naturally made and are free to be caught with the camera's lens. I have not posted my work which I loved to shoot on my website for this reason, and I have not shot it and I loved it.. I miss it, and I am going to go back to it..  So, now I am going to share some of the work that I have hanging in my home and in a lot of my friends' homes. Some of the work that is stored on DVD's and on storage devices backed up and not used. The time has come.. So look out!

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21 March 2010

Great Resources and Learning

Something I try to do always is to learn. There is no such thing as knowing all there is to know about everything. There are those who can play a good game and act as though they DO know all there is to know, but inevitably they know nothing, OR they are talking to talk to prevent anyone else from getting in a word to prove their ignorance. I think this is what my biggest issue in IT and technology was. The meetings were long, the "language" was needless and dreary and "took a blue sky  and holistic approach to a plan where we would parking lot issues so that they would be put into a straw man for later performance management. In the end someone would throw it against the wall and see if it sticks and move forward to the best practice".

Ahhhh... sanity..

Though, I have learned it is not just an IT issue, it is a personality issue. I do not see it as a type of weakness but as a way to learn as much as I am able at all times. I have the ability to ask questions and get answers from all perspectives at all times. If someone chooses to think that I am less than they are, that is on them.. but lucky me.. I get to pick up more information.. And something my hero told me when I was little.. (My Dad) Knowledge is Power. Not that he made that up but.. it is one of the most important things I ever learned.

As I am teaching, I am constantly learning, be it from my peers, from those I meet in galleries, from other artists, from surfing the web, from books, and even from accidents. One such thing I found is the site Lynda.com. One of the things that I have been working on with the night classes that I teach are layers. For the coming semester, it will be a half of a semester and it will be blended. What this means is it will be both online and it will be in the classroom. BUT... a great thing is.. there are mini tutorials to help out once the students get home. I will be able to have them go home and work on their assignments and reiterate what I said in class. I think this is brilliant.
There are many sites out there, like this one, and people out there and lessons. Make sure to learn and grow from all of them.I hope to continue..

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14 March 2010

Wistawa Szymorska's Lot's Wife

 Shot by: http://israelinsider.ning.com/profile/Gaia
While at dinner at a friend's house the other day, we got into a discussion on our travels and how some made impressions on our lives and clarified our future visions.  One such trip for myself was one of my trips to Israel in the mid 1990s. Something I noticed during this trip was all of the lessons I learned in Sunday school and growing up as a minister's daughter. It was meaningful to me on two counts.
  1. I was in the places where I had read and heard tell about. I saw the Dead Sea. I walked the Stations of the Cross, in sneakers with a camera and bottled water and was exhausted at the end.
  2. I began to come to my own in my journey.

One thing, though.. that I thought would be the best thing to see was Sodom and Gomorah. No idea WHAT I thought I was going to see when I got there. Was I going to see them dancing and worshiping the golden calf still? I have no idea. I was looking for the pillar of salt.

During this dinner we discussed my silliness and ridiculous expectations in this trip. My disappointment that EVERYTHING that was supposedly "holy" was now preserved in a tomb and laden in gold. Which I THINK is what drove me to want to go to Sodom and Gomorah MORE. Maybe THERE I would see all that was not being protected, covered in gold and worshiped and considered lucky if touched. (The supposed manger in a dark hole in the "Inn", and the station of the cross where Mary Magdalene helped Jesus stand back up and he put his hand.)

ANYWAY.. I digress.. The point is, my friend brought to attention this beautiful poem. "Lot's Wife" by Wistawa Szymoska. And it hit me in such a way that I have reread it about 5x since. It is as if she took my thoughts of what was going through Ruth's mind right before she turned to salt.
Alas.. Ironically the one thing I wanted to see proof of, there is no specific "place" there is no defined pillar of salt. There is no defined place as was The Old Man in the Mountain in NH sadly used to be. But, Ms Szymoska made this the most real place and deepest feeling of my entire trip. I'd like to share this poem.

Lot's Wife

They say I looked back out of curiosity.
But I could have had other reasons.
I looked back mourning my silver bowl.
Carelessly, while tying my sandal strap.
So I wouldn't have to keep staring at the righteous nape
of my husband Lot's neck.
From the sudden conviction that if I dropped dead
he wouldn't so much as hesitate.
From the disobedience of the meek.
Checking for pursuers.
Struck by the silence, hoping God had changed his mind.
Our two daughters were already vanishing over the hilltop.
I felt age within me. Distance.
The futility of wandering. Torpor.
I looked back setting my bundle down.
I looked back not knowing where to set my foot.
Serpents appeared on my path,
spiders, field mice, baby vultures.
They were neither good nor evil now--every living thing
was simply creeping or hopping along in the mass panic.
I looked back in desolation.
In shame because we had stolen away.
Wanting to cry out, to go home.
Or only when a sudden gust of wind
unbound my hair and lifted up my robe.
It seemed to me that they were watching from the walls of Sodom
and bursting into thunderous laughter again and again.
I looked back in anger.
To savor their terrible fate.
I looked back for all the reasons given above.
I looked back involuntarily.
It was only a rock that turned underfoot, growling at me.
It was a sudden crack that stopped me in my tracks.
A hamster on its hind paws tottered on the edge.
It was then we both glanced back.
No, no. I ran on,
I crept, I flew upward
until darkness fell from the heavens
and with it scorching gravel and dead birds.
I couldn't breathe and spun around and around.
Anyone who saw me must have thought I was dancing.
It's not inconceivable that my eyes were open.
It's possible I fell facing the city.
Wislawa Szymborska

All images other than image by http://israelinsider.ning.com/profile/Gaia shot by Elisabeth Neville copyright 1996

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11 March 2010

Spring has Sprung

I fear the title of this entry, but I am going to do it anyway. Spring has sprung. I remember hearing my mother recite that little rhyme when I was little..

"Spring has sprung
The grass has ris'
I wonder where them birdies is.."

Yep.. It's getting near that time. I must admit. I found myself in that familiar spot, at a light on a busy road.. in traffic. Cars in front of me, and cars behind me. And in the distance I hear multiple motorcycles approaching. It is as if they are calling me. It is that time... It is that time... We are back..
All of a sudden from behind me, about 10 bikes appear, some of the riders with their girlfriends on the back clutching on from way up high and some are solo on their beautiful bikes. Then, as if just to taunt me, the last bike comes up. I believe in my own mind, they were leading this bike, as if it was the king of all bikes. The beautiful Yellow Ducati. It was almost as if time stopped. I was in a movie, it slowed, the rider was moving in slow motion beside me It was the sexiest image I have ever seen.

 Unfortunately, the bike tore off quickly to the sounds of horns, and one finger salutes around me as I realized I was staring and the light had changed and I was sitting staring and coveting the bikes around me. Well, one day maybe one day... Maybe next spring when them birdies ris'...

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09 March 2010


I have to say.. one thing I never thought I would have fun doing is photographing children, but you know what? It is actually a lot of fun. The key, I have found is NOT to try to get them to sit still in an unnatural pose on a chair staring at the birdie. NOT so put them on a bear rug and have them look up at the camera, or to even have them sitting on Santa's lap. I have ALWAYS had issue with those pictures. There is just something scary and well, unnatural about them. (Thank you Sketchy Santa's website for some proof on this one.)
Needless to say.. There are SO many BETTER ways to capture youth. What would be a better way to capture this little girl at Christmas time? One that I could immediately think of is opening her presents ad holding up the one that she loves the most, in her favorite outfit. If it is something that needs to be for a card to e sent out, then I would say her out playing in a fun colorful outfit and capturing her at play and looking over her shoulder at the photographer. But this... this.. Let's just scroll up and look again at this. 

OK, so I think my point has been made. 
Some friends have asked me to take portraits of their kids.. you know.. or I have been hired to do the same by clients. What I have found to be the easiest is to have the siblings or parents there and to allow them to just be natural. Yes, you may ask.. how natural can one be with a camera pointing in your face. There are lights, there is a person with a lot of camera and studio equipment staring at you.. how is it even possible? 
It is in fact fairly easy. Send in the parent, send in the sibling, send in the favorite toy. Send in the book. Let that child be a child. Get into THEIR space. Do not force them into YOUR space. If need be, play with them and then pick up the camera when they are distracted with a toy or game. Yes it will take a little longer for that shoot, but the results are well worth it. And no scary Santa pictures!

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08 March 2010

iPhone camera success

After many many attempts at shooting images with my iPhone.. last night I had my first true indoor success. Mind you it also included a wonderful dinner with glorious company and Chilean wine. The dinner gurgles and bubbled for an hour on the stove as we chit chatted on everything from growing up under the eye of our towns and families to religion. We finally giggled about my starting last year losing my "Lucky jeans" in the streets of Boston because of an incident above my control to ending the year losing my "True Religion jeans" as well as the rest of my clothing in the tunnel of Boston in an incident that has been previously discussed.

Anyway.. before dinner we snacked on Macintosh apples with goat's milk brie cheese.. Delic... then.. as the smells of the final dinner warmed and enveloped us in the kitchen we realized the time had come... it was time...
Eagerly we filled our bowls with this fantastic concoction and blend of smells and tastes and I thought.. I HAVE to take a picture.. Then I said out loud.. you know.. I say to my students.. you should have a camera with you a lot, some form even if it is your point and click, the quality is not as bad these days. I thought.. hmm oops.. look at me.. no camera to be had.. and unlike most cases when I am out these days, I DID have my cell phone with me. I snapped a picture expecting nothing but a blurry, badly lighted image. But.. thankfully I got something that was almost worthy of the delicious meal I was able to enjoy with my delightful company. As great as this picture is.. it STILL is not as good as the meal OR the company..

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07 March 2010

First Fridays and connections

What a wonderful experience First Fridays was this past weekend at 450 Harrison Ave in Boston. After the long trip looking for parking... around and around with my friend Melissa we finally made it to the Kingston Gallery to see Barbara Moody's opening. The week before, when I was asked if I was interested in going to this opening, the name swam around in my mind as something familiar. I have been around so many wonderful artists in the Massachusetts, national and international arena of late that I was almost SURE I had just heard her name. But, something about this name... Barbara Moody seemed even MORE familiar to me.

Making Synthetic Water, acrylic on canvas, 52" x 68"

Lo and behold... Barbara was one of my professors at Montserrat College of Art in Beverly. I must admit, though I was there too short a time, I think I was the most creative and free with my work in my entire life. I loved each and every assignment and my mind truly flowed. It was wonderful to see one of my professors that I remembered and admired.
After meeting, again... this artist and having her recollect me by face..(very nice of her to notice also that I have grown to be an adult :) ) Also, it meant the WORLD to me to hear that she was proud of me making the move to do my art, and for being a professor of something she remembered being my love. What a great feeling.

While Melissa and I walked around this same show, I continued to see a man walk by that looked very familiar to me. Something about him.. And, uncharacteristically.. I walked up to him and I asked if he and I had met in the past, or if he was an artist whose work I had seen in the past. And AGAIN... it was another professor of mine, now it was not as strange that it was a professor from Montserrat.. Ethan Berry. ANOTHER professor that I highly admired and missed when I left the school. It meant so much to run into them both. I hope I see them both at any of my shows. I was so excited to see them

Then .. we went to the next gallery.. and who did we run into there? Lou Jones.. what a wonderful evening. Thankfully he invited me to his studio to sit and chat. I need some sit and chat time with him and help settign my head straight and in the right direction.. What a productive evening.. I KNEW there was a reason Melissa and I went AND we stuck out looking for that perfect parking spot.What a great evening... Thank you Meliss!!!

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03 March 2010

Social Networking, Twitter

Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, Social Networking, Marketing... all these things are the next things to getting your name out into the technilogical ether. 
Well... Elisabeth Neville Photography has taken that step out there... 

ENevillePhotog is now on Twitter... check it out. There is also a link and stream on the side.

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22 February 2010

Another Shoot

Still working on the show in August. I think I am beginning to make some real headway. But, I do need to have more men in my show. I seem to have mostly women. I am not sure of the reasoning for that. I think I tend to do the 'female - stare - women - up - and - down - compare' action... and then I realize.. hmm.. she is interesting.. Then I want to photograph them.

With men, there NEEDS to be something very distinctive about them. I think with this person and the others I shot this day I have found that very thing.

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09 February 2010

Schedule for one of the new shows

Well, one of the three new upcoming shows is finally scheduled and booked. Lots of back and forth and back and forth..
Finally a date is set!

Brookline MA
July 1 - August 31, 2010

Opening Reception is: July 8, 2010 from 6:00pm - 8:00pm

They have wonderful wine and a lovely gallery in the back. There is parking and it will be an exciting event. I will be sending out reminders and announcements through my mailing list. Sign up on it soon to receive email announcements and updates!

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20 January 2010

Oh the new year... and new people!

Here we are in the new year with so much to look forward to.
Here are some head shots for those working toward expanding their careers as I am. and I have also updated my website so do check that out with the new sections for head shots!

National headlining comedienne, Chantal Carrere came to me for new promotional photographs for her press kit, IMDB.com and new album cover.
She is hysterical, so go check her out! Show dates listed on website and look for her album to be released on iTunes soon.

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