23 April 2010

Personalities of Couples

Couples are always fun to photograph. This couple in particular is adorable and they really are just sweet from the inside out. Trying to capture that was very easy.
Here I present ... Megan and Andrew one of my favorite couples to photograph.

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18 April 2010

Teaching versus Classes

I have been looking at my own work as I have been teaching. I am realizing that I have not been pushing my own work as much as I used to. I am very proud of the work my students do and how far they have come from the beginning of the semester to the end. I see the first photos they have when I send them out with their cameras and their brains are full of f-stops and apertures and they are looking at me thinking "Is this chick crazy"? She wants us to come back with what? Pffft!

Then At the end of the semester, the biggest issue is, "Am I going to come up with the best assignment?", "I thought I had a great idea until I saw his/hers." and on and on. but honestly, I am almost beaming with the advancement of their work. They are all incredible in their own way.

As for my own work.. I have been stagnating. I was just talking to a friend of mine who is a photographer who is so very talented, (Kati Decker) and I would love to have as a guest blogger on my site, and she suggested something that was SO simple that I just did not even think of it. Take a class myself. The last classes I took were in grad school. Why didn't I think of it? We talk about all of these advancements we both want to make in our work and we give each other hints and sites and book ideas and camera equipment ideas, but the simplest thing... I simply did not think of. Take a class.

So.. This is something I Will be planning on after the summer 1 semester when I am teaching 8 classes. BRILLIANT...

What is the funniest thing, is the theory that was one of the most important I was taught in grad school, yet.. CLEARLY not grasped.. K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid) Well, that is my plan! Thank you Gina Kamentsky!

In fact, something that Gina did that is absolutely incredible. Over many many months of work on little tiny film with tiny tiny brushes, Gina did this film. The work is incredible and the music is great. I cannot tell you how brilliant I think she is. Yes, this is off topic, but she was one of my professors while getting my MPS and now one of my good friends. I am still amazed by her work.
This is called House Bunny

 PLEASE click this link and watch it.. It is WELL worth it! Gina is a GENIUS in my mind!

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05 April 2010

Window Seats

While sitting looking at all of the information flying by on Twitter and all of the mindless information on Facebook. I did see a lot of comments about a video that had caused a great deal of controversy. I wondered what it was all about. No where was I able to see this video and all of the hubbub.. bub..

FINALLY I was able to make a decision and see something to make my own determination. Once again it was a matter of, if you do not want your children to see something, do not allow them to stare, or explain what they are seeing. What video am I talking about? I am talking about Erykah Badu's "Window Seat" video. Quite honestly I find it to be quite an engaging piece of work. I think it is maybe one of her best. The music, the words and the placement of where it was shot all tells a very engaging story. I am saddened that the point of the story is missed.. once again.

I DO hope though that the publicity is making this more of a debate and more something that pushes people to open their minds and see more of what this brilliant woman is saying. JFK had a lot of good. He also did a lot of shady dealings and did die a martyr, but this is not what this is about. Listen to the words of this song, think about where it is shot, think about her being shot bare to the world in front of the grassy knoll. Think of all of the representation and imagery that is in this. It is SO much more than her nakedness, it is about the imagery and statement. PLEASE make that effort. Imagery and statement.This is a beautiful piece of artwork created by the mind and soul and voice of Erykah Badu.

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01 April 2010

Return to Botanical

You know... When I was in school there was a seminar I took, not really a class and not at all related to my degree where someone misguided me and told me ... yes... told me that taking photos of flowers was  not good. For some reason, I was in a desperate to succeed and please mindset and I listened.

I am still of the mindset that I want to succeed in this field, and that I still want to sell my work. I still believe that it is important to stick to my own beliefs and not let someone else put their own ideas into my head. I do not really know why I let this happen. There was even a class where I told THEM that this was not a good thing to do. And for this I am sorry. It was stupid of me to take this one person's ignorance and lay it on them.

What is the difference between capturing the beauty of a sunset and the beauty of a flower? There is nothing. There is no argument there. And there should NOT be an argument there. Both are naturally made and are free to be caught with the camera's lens. I have not posted my work which I loved to shoot on my website for this reason, and I have not shot it and I loved it.. I miss it, and I am going to go back to it..  So, now I am going to share some of the work that I have hanging in my home and in a lot of my friends' homes. Some of the work that is stored on DVD's and on storage devices backed up and not used. The time has come.. So look out!

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