27 June 2010


Yesterday, was a typical Saturday morning. Half asleep I stumble out of bed, trip over the cats and my dog to put food in the bowls. Put some fresh water in the bowls and get Milo ready to go outside. As he ran by me and sprinted out into the yard to do his crazy puppy run aimlessly in circles I looked at the fence and the hydrangea that is beginning to bud at the gate. Then I looked again.. Then I realized... I was not hallucinating... I was seeing what I thought. The largest most beautiful dragonfly I have ever seen.

Not only was the patterning on the back of its head gorgeous but the wings were undamaged and shimmering in the light. I could not stop staring and quickly remembered to run into the house to get my camera. Poor Milo was sitting on the porch patiently realizing he was NOT going to be chased around the yard by me, but this outside trip was only going to be a functional trip for him.

I have to share the beauty of this insect.

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04 June 2010

A summer arts program in Assisi

What a wonderful experience. Italy in the summer with other musicians, singers, dancers, writers, composers, filmmakers, visual artists, performance artists, actors, and photographers ... wow!!!

The Duane Arts Institute has a great opportunity. Check it out!

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