31 July 2010

Moving pictures with sound

What a talented family that Bello family is. Lisa and Louie both have incredible voices and presence. I have seen them both perform and have walked away amazed from either. Now I am sitting looking at videos of each of these two talented and gorgeous singers. What a family.

The video for Louis I am posting is directed by Fransisco Santiago and the song is, "Someday" which he wrote and is singing beautifully.

Now that you have seen ONE of the awesome videos, here is a teaser of Lisa's awesome voice and talents shown! Vassili Shields directed it it is titled "Leave me Alone!". All I can say is what a family!

Check them out!!!

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19 July 2010

My FAVORITE Artist, and I have to share!

One artist I have come across that I brought to light a while ago and I think I need to update everyone on is my hero and best friend since birth. My father, Rev. Dr. Joseph Neville. The man that can do everything. He ran track and won lots of awards and trophys and awards to colleges and went to college and achieved great things and continues to achieve and grow and wow people every day. Whatever he pics up he becomes a master within days or weeks. Piano? Done! Sketching? Done! Painting? Done! School? Done! Respect? Done! Love of all of those he meets? Immediate!
I cannot say enough. I beam every time I see more of what he just does naturally. I have been working on images for a 60 piece show (date still in the air) and he went out.. proud of me.. and built the frames, and each one is perfect! The rest is on me to put work worthy of the frames, the gallery space, and name within them. No small feat I tell you!

But, what has he completed recently? Portraits of all (including himself), but one of his siblings and his parents, and compiled them into one image.. So, I must share.. with as much pride as I possibly can!!! Here it is!

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12 July 2010

The opening

It went well. I was a little late to it, but that was mainly due to my holding onto the handle of the door of my apartment and my partner saying to me over and over again.. "Come on Lisa.. you are great! You can do this!" He was right, I made it through.

A fairly large turnout came. Many of my mentors were there and that was heartwarming. It really put me at ease. What was actually really fun for some of the attendants of the show, I think anyway, was the models of some of the images were there.
I could hear people as they walked by.. "Hey, isn't that the one in...?"
"I think I just saw the guy that was in the ..."

Some of my students came and walked around, which was a really nice thing to see. I felt a little uncomfortable inviting them to my showing. I did not want them to feel as though they were required to go, or even had to pretend to be interested in the least. But, lo and behold, there they were. In fact, some non students and peers were there which meant a great deal to me also. It was wonderful to have the outpouring of support for such a first event.

Lots of lessons to be learned on the first solo show though. Lots of lessons. The main one being, leave a lot of time, and ASK for help when I need it. Though, this is really not a NEW lesson for me, I think I really need to incorporate it more into my life again. I had been offered help, and I took it as the common "just ask me" and then when you ask.. oh I have to go um.. yeah wash my dog's shoes. Well, now, I am jumping on it the second someone asks.

(I have written this down, let's see if I follow it. I guess someone gets to say  I told you so.)

What I want to say most of all is: Thank you to Melissa R for helping me transport and carry the images to the venue, and more importantly for hanging and being a calming support. Dave A. for loving me and flying in to be there with me for my first show and being all that you are (AND for taking all of the pictures that are posted on my blog today!). My family, friends, mentors, peers, professors, supporters, students, everyone who helped, came and hopefully will continue to support my work. Thank you all for making my first solo show a success!

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06 July 2010

Show is up and ready to be viewed... almost

This morning I awoke to an email... a newsletter sent out to all that were on the mailing list for the Wine Gallery. YIPE is all I could say. It is really happening. All of those pictures I had spent hours shooting, lighting, thinking about, framing... and finally hanging (with most of the help and hanging done by a friend who knew what she was doing...) were off of the table and up on a wall. People were going to be going into a space, and some would be people I do NOT know. Some will be overly critical. Some will be OVERLY nice. Some will just be there for the wine tasting.
Some will just be there because they are family and could care less about my artwork, but are more going in support of me. But I am truly grateful for every single person who shows up. But, admittedly scared to death!!!

I have all of the work up. And now it is all about the finishing touches and being ready to go. So.. now I am off and running. Here are a couple sneak previews of the space with the work up and their junk
in the way.

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