26 August 2010

Upcoming Excitement!

I must admit I am VERY excited about the upcoming classes in October in Natick. Thanks to a friend (Thank you very much Nancy!!!) I am all signed up for the classes taught by this man. The video itself makes me want to sit in the room and wait for him to arrive and soak in his 4.5 hours of knowledge!!!

So.. now for the waiting.. the thing I am SO very good at!... NOT!

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20 August 2010

Jamaica Plain First Thursdays in Sept!

How much fun is THIS?! September 2, 2010 6pm - 10pm (6-8pm artist reception, 8-10pm after party) 

  • Temple Sound and Stage
  • 670 Centre Street
  • Jamaica Plain
I am VERY excited about it. I will be showing lots of work at this show. AND I am excited to say that I do not have to hang it myself. I am taking the advice of my uncle John, and utilizing the option to have the interns and as the curator called it "minions" hang it. What I am hoping is some of them will be neck-less little yellow guys with cute voices.

I hope to see some folks I know there.. and some that I do not know! It sounds like it will be a great time! I hope to see you all there!

Jamaica Plain's First Thursdays is: “Each first Thursday of the month, businesses along Centre and South Streets are transformed into galleries featuring works from local artists. Opening receptions at each location, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., offer a chance to meet the artists, enjoy refreshments, and experience JP's fabulous businesses in an entirely new light. Artworks usually remain on display for the remainder of the month.”

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18 August 2010

Observe - focus - shoot - move on...

Something I have been working on with my students and have had some success, is documentary photography. One photographer that has been on display in the Boston Public Library is Jules Aarons. He has a wonderful eye for street photography/documentary. The eye he has for the sights and sounds of Boston are wonderfully observant. I adore his work, as if my gushing is not giving that away. (I believe I have also brought him up in previous posts.)
Through my lessons in class I send my students out to observe their surroundings. Each project up to this is to observe objects closer and closer to the point that everything around them becomes a heightened sense.
Through searches and hits and facebook connections and memberships etc etc, something crossed my path that is the PERFECT example for what I am trying to get across to my students for street photography. Here it is:

in-public's 10 book slideshow from Paris Slideluck Potshow 23rd June 2010 from Nick Turpin on Vimeo.

Similar to this example, I want them to blend into their surroundings. I want them to just carry their camera and be ready to shoot. I want them to be comfortable with the settings and have their camera ready to shoot and just hold it with confidence and become invisible.. bring up the camera.. shoot.. move on..
I walk around the classroom like a fool seemingly every class in the documentary class showing how I do this. With my camera sttrap wrapped around my wrist, my camera set to the environment I am in and ready to go.. All I need to do is observe - focus - shoot and move on.
Observe - focus - shoot - move on...

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17 August 2010


So I am trying the pin up shots. It was really fun to shoot. And to be using the fun backdrop colors. I think though that I finally came to the conclusion with this shoot that I NEEDED to get studio space.. SO.. I finally pulled the trigger..
65 Sprague St Hyde Park here I come!!! Yahooooo!!!!! I am VERY excited!!! More on that later!

For now, here is one from the shoot in the space at the house. VERY congested. VERY cramped.. But.. here is one!

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01 August 2010

Yummy food and a great shoot

Last week before leaving for Chicago I had a great shoot with a woman who owns a great business. Debra's Natural Gourmet's owner, Debra Stark asked me to do her head shots. I was honored. Her business is a brilliant idea and there is SO much great information. Recipies, food information, events, everything. I say check it out. ALSO.. look how gorgeous the owner is!

Debra's Natural Gourmet
If you select the image, you will go to her site!

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