31 October 2010

Long time no see!

Oh my... It has been FAR too long.. What have I been doing? Well... I have been getting my classes together for the semester, teaching the Fall semester, preparing for the winter semester, getting ready for the spring semester, and also... (drum roll please.. )getting ready to move into my studio space! 400 Square feet and 80 foot ceilings! What more could I ask for? It is easy to get to if I do NOT have a car and it is easy to get to when I DO have a car. I have 2 GREAT studio mates that I MAY or MAY NOT see. I can shut the doors or leave them open. I can bring Milo....
Wonderful! Just WONDERFUL!
OH, and I think I forgot to mention, I do NOT need to take the backdrops down right after a shoot, and I can do my sewing there, and I can cut patterns there and not have an animal walk across it or the fabric. (As long as he is not there with me) I have space.. SPACE....)
SO exciting! I am FINALLY moved in. I have mostly everything there except my work. I need to get that there and then I need to get some of it ready to move to another show that I am preparing for in November in Jamaica Plain.

So.. now that I have some time AND space! I will get back to updating on my work and my photography! WHEW! Sorry about the long sabbatical!

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