30 November 2011

Exposure 2011 | Elisabeth Neville

I submitted my work to a competition.. I am HOPING I get some.. One.. maybe two votes..

Exposure 2011 | Elisabeth Neville

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17 November 2011

Space and lighting

Working in the studio today, I got  lot of things accomplished. I had hoped to get my pricing completed for the open studios, but that will have to hold off until a later time, maybe this weekend. I decided to play with my lighting and figure out the new space I have in here.

I have been working in VERY small spaces and jamming all of my lighting into these spaces and trying to correct for the lack of space and the overabundance of lighting. Today was VERY exciting. I got the light box on the lights, I got the lights hung from the rafters, I got the objects I wanted up on the wall, and I started shooting. no blood, no drama.. no problem.
Now.. where ARE those cables of mine? you know.. I USED to have about 10 of each of them.. now .. nothing.. hmmm.. curiouser.. and curiouser...

Here is one of the many I got from the lovely space I now have. Oh what fun.. Now what shall I do?

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07 November 2011

Still working away

I am not realizing just how rusty I really am. Though, I am beginning to understand what Dad was talking about when he would say drawing and going into that mental space was very relaxing. The only thing that is NOT relaxing is seeing just how bad and out of practice I am these days.

One great thing is I have a photo shoot this week and then I have preparation to do for the open studios that are coming up December 3. (More on that later).

But, for now.. back to the sketchbook.

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05 November 2011


Tonight I will be drawing eyes.. all sorts of eyes. A whole page of eyes. It is what draws me in with my camera, and now I will try to get drawn in with pencil and charcoal.

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10 October 2011

My Hero and Best Friend

I am actually not going to be writing about my photography or photography in this post. I am going to be writing about a realization that has occured to me in the last few nights that I have had unable to sleep through. It is not a new realization as much as it is me putting it to words.
This Saturday, October 8, 2011 at 1:30pm I lost my best friend, my hero, my Dad to cancer. As all things go, it came down to his body unable to fight the sickness in his marrow and blood.
We have a show of our work up at Griffin Museum in Winchester,  MA. There was a gallery talk yesterday, I was very excited to share with him and an artists' reception coming up on Tuesday. His drawings of my photographs are flawless, as was he to me. I do not exaggerate when I say he is my best friend and hero. I realize this: I have spent my life trying to emulate him.
Dad ran track, won many many trophies and medals, I played a lot of sports to the detriment of my knees and feet, demonstrated by my many many surgeries. (as I am learning now in my 40s as I limp around.) Dad was a painter, and he sketched, and he was a photographer when I was a child. I tried to be as good as he all of my life. his work is flawless and beautiful. There are portraits of me, there are silhouettes he created of me as a child that I still have and cherish. Dad made a stuffed doll for me when I was little to replace Raggedy Andy when I "loved him to death". Dad found some fabric from somewhere in the house.. went off to the sewing machine.. and built my friend Herkimeier. Herky is STILL with me.. 1960s orange, almost as tall as I am NOW.. polyester.. and weighs about 10lbs because he is filled with fabric also. his arms and legs match those of the aliens in Close Encounters of he Third Kind. Herky will be with me forever.
Dad is a speaker that has drawn people from all over the east coast to hear him. He preached in a church and inevitably I am meeting people across the country that hear my name and ask if I am his daughter. Where this, as a child and teen, was a VERY frustrating thing... "Joe's daughter".. I have grown to be proud and almost let people know before they ask. YES! I am Joe's daughter.. he is the one that is awesome at everything he touches.. He picked up playing the piano in his 50s and he was better than I had ever been after years and years of lessons. he could play by ear.. he was playing jazz..
Dad drew people to him, everyone loved him, and those that may not have were simply jealous of all of the riches Dad had.
When the Cosby show was on, I remember his mom, my Nana calling on Thursday nights to say.. "Joey.. your show is on!" He danced almost as badly as Bill Cosby.. yes.. it is true! But I KNOW in my heart it was all an act. There is nothing he is not good at.. (There is nothing at which he is not good?)
All of my life I have tried to be just like him. I want to strive to be the person and being he is. My Dad is white light. A part of me is wondering if I have been crossing the path of my spirit guide (the dragonfly) this summer so often because they were letting me know.. something something was coming and they were there to help me, and guide me and comfort me.

Photo: Dave Ambler - Drawing: Joseph Neville The two men I love the most!
I love my Dad! He is my hero! I miss him terribly when I go to bed, when I look at my phone and see his cell number and want to call. He supported me my entire life and bragged about me and he told me how proud he is of this show and glad he can share it with me. I just wish he was speaking with me AT the event. I know he is watchign over me, as he always has. He is my best friend, and I his. I will never understand why such a good man was taken. Why he had to deal with the pain of cancer, but I do know I am a better woman for having been raised by him. My best friend and hero! Rev. Dr. Joseph Neville!

Rev Dr Joseph Neville - Self portrait

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03 October 2011


What a time this has been. The fall semester at Northeastern started, and with that 4 shows. Some in state and some out of state.. some large and some small. It has been QUITE a time..

Presently I am preparing for a gallery talk about my show that is at the Griffin Museum in the Aberjona Gallery. I am both thrilled and scared to death..

Here is the info: Should you want to stop by...

Both Elisabeth Neville and her father, Joseph Neville, are fascinated with capturing the essence of a person through art; she in photographs and he in sketches.
A joint exhibit of their work, Eidetic Image, is featured at The Griffin Museum at the Aberjona River Gallery in Winchester, MA, September 8 through November 27. An opening reception is Oct. 11, 6 - 7:30 PM.
Elisabeth's photographic work explores the portrait and "it's inherent drive to find one's persona".

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22 August 2011

Just a couple of things

I have a couple of shows coming up that I wanted to bring to your attention should you be interested... A lot has been going on in the last couple of weeks and months. I have moved my studio from Hyde Park to Beverly, MA. I have been preparing images for a local show, getting my studio ready for the Open Studios next month, and getting work ready for a couple other small things.

VERY exciting times. So here is the info in case you are interested in stopping by any of them!

Open Studios
Porter Mills Artists' Studios, 95 Rantoul St., Beverly, MA
Sept 24, 2011 from 2pm - 8pm
My studio and work will be available and showing

Eidetic Image
The Griffin Museum at the Aberjona Gallery, Swanson St., Winchester, MA
Show dates: September 8 - Nov 27, 2011
Work of Elisabeth Neville with Sketches by Joseph Neville
Artist Reception: October 11, 2011 6pm - 8pm
Artist Talk: October 9, 2011 3 pm

The Darkroom Gallery, Essex Jct., VT
Show Dates: September 9 - October 7, 2011
Artist Reception: TBA

Hope to see some of you there!

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31 July 2011

Bugs and Flowers

What is it about me and photos of bugs and flowers?

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30 July 2011

Farmer's market in Marblehead

What a beautiful day today is..
After a well needed rest last night, we decided to go to the Farmer's Market in Marblehead.

First I want to add that my favorite, Crystal Brook Farm in Sterling, MA was there! They are a farm I used to go to every Thursday at the Copley Farmer's Market. They have the BEST goat cheese spreads and logs..mmmm. AND they remembered me.. hmm.. he remembered what I used to ask for every single week and that I was rushing to jump on the 39 bus. NOW he is here in Marblehead.. woooo.. goodie for ME... (I guess really good for them.. I am now going to clean them out each week..)

There were ALSO lots of beautiful dogs, and puppies. A couple had their new Wheaton Terrier with them.. ADORABLE!!! But those little baby teeth. Good luck to them.. There was another puppy.. Bordeau.. BEAUTIFUL.. and in LOVE with his stick!

So, beyond that.. LOTS of PERFECT veggies and fruit. What a fun morning! Thought I would share..

Wonderful day! A must go!

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28 July 2011

Looking at documentary Photography

I was looking for something to show a good example of documentary photography. Something that is more relevant to today and is emotionally driven. I started looking at someone's blog that I really respect Fred Ritchen. He is incredibly informative and in meeting him I was so impressed and enthralled. He has a lot of great things to say and write.
While looking at Ritchen's blog, I read an article, A Novelist with a Camera which brought me to Tim Hetherington's page. though his talent is sorely missed I continued through his site looking for examples, and found something that literally stopped me in my tracks. I have no other words to this, other than.. please watch this. It is VERY powerful!

Sleeping Soldiers_single screen (2009) from Tim Hetherington on Vimeo.

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05 July 2011

My Directed Study.. Ashley Hodges

This past semester, I had a student whose final project I am VERY proud of. Her work is incredible, and her vision since the FIRST class I had her in has been clear and meaningful. There were moments where she felt she had lost her way, but honestly she knew all along. She just needed a little push every so often.

I am VERY proud of her and she was my FIRST student, in the FIRST class I ever taught, and now, I am seeing her graduate after all of her hard work, and I could NOT be prouder of her than I am today!

Here is a video of the booklet she created. If you want to read it (and it is well worth it...) Pause when it comes to the written portions.

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

Congratulations Ashley! I am VERY VERY proud of you and ALL of your work!!!

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04 July 2011

Lovely etchings and a new project

In walking around the new neighborhood, which I ADORE.. I found a wonderful bookstore called Authors and Artists it is a VERY dangerous store for me because there are wonderful old children's books, art books, photo books, anything you can possibly imagine. While there, I found a book, or what USED to be a monthly publication for children. It has short stories, informational articles, songs with their musical scores and the most lovely etchings ever.

the book is: Our Little Ones and Nursery. An Illustrated Magazine for Little People. published in 1886 by Russell Publishing Company on 36 Bromfield Street in Boston, MA. I have volume 5 for that year. It is a beautiful hard cover. I did a search for more information and I found an ad in the Good Housekeeping Magazine saying how wonderful it is, and for only 15 cents a copy or $1.50 for a year subscription (mind you this is a leather bound book).

"Now is the time to subscribe to the most beautiful magazine in the world for the youngest readers. If you have never seen it, send us your address and we will mail you a specimen copy free. Canvassers wanted. Newsdealers sell it. one year, $1.50 Single Copies, 15 cts. "
How can you turn that down?

Here is a sample:

Isn't that just gorgeous?

I have been going through the book and I found some wonderful stories and I cannot wait to go in and start shooting and getting some projects together. I am Now going to combine my love of books AND my love of photography..

I think THAT is what it is ALL about!!!

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03 July 2011

Marblehead Festival of the Arts 2011

An exciting thing!

July 2 - 4, 2011 in Marblehead MA there is the Marblehead Festival of the Arts. Every year for the 4th of July weekend there is a  group that celebrates the arts. This has been going on since 1962. The work that is shown is juried and awarded.

This year, as a new resident, I submitted my work, and it was accepted. VERY excited. It may be seen in The Old Town Hall in the historic part of town. It is also surrounded by a lot of events and fun and performances. There are also paintings that are in the Abbot Hall and throughout the town in outher establishments.

It was lovely walking around the town yesterday, seeing the children getting their faces painted and the families tasting foods and wines and cheeses and looking at all the little stores have to offer.

It is definitely something to see. AND .. while you are down there.. go see my photo!

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19 May 2011

Whole Lotta Roses

Recently a friend started an event planning business.. ABOUT TIME I say!!! She is super talented and the events are so much fun for all that attend. When I am able to be involved I am thrilled!

But.. Here is MORE info!!! Get in contact with them!!!

Whole Lotta Roses? That’s a funny name for an event planning business”. Yes, we know. Whole Lotta Roses is a tribute to AC/DC and the song Whole Lotta Rosie. We chose that name for two reasons. One - we wanted a name that was creative and would set us apart from other wedding and event planning businesses, something edgy and unexpected. Two - well… honestly, we just love AC/DC. AC/DC has stood the test of time by being themselves and doing what they do best for the last 35 years. That is exactly how we intend to run our business.

Whole Lotta Roses is a Massachusetts based company that was started by two friends who love planning events, have experience with fund-raising and were looking for a business to have fun with. We offer a stress free option for planning a unique and memorable event. At WLR we don’t just plan parties. We create experiences. If you request a carnival theme we want you to feel like you are walking through the gates at the Marshfield Fair. A motorcycle rally…you should feel the energy and excitement of Bike Week in Laconia. Our attention to detail is unmatched. We use themes and images that are important to you. We cater to the ages and interests of the guests and we personalize each event in every way possible.

Besides being edgy and fun, WLR is also a pet friendly business. Between the two of us we currently share our homes with 8 rescued animals. Both of us have spent time volunteering with local shelters. When deciding on how we wanted to run our business we knew that we somehow wanted to incorporate our furry friends. In addition to doing the usual events - birthdays, graduations, weddings, ect., we also do canine parties.  

Whether you are planning a wedding, corporate event, sweet 16 or a birthday party for Fido, Whole Lotta Roses is committed to providing you and your guests an experience that you will not soon forget. We love the challenge of coming up with a theme that is unexpected but still fits the occasion. A theme that celebrates not only the event but also the people. If you want something over the top, an event that will be talked about for years to come...Whole Lotta Roses is the event planner for you. We will Amp up Your Event.

Rock on and party hard. 

Laurie & Nikki

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08 May 2011

Marine Corp Honor Run 2011 in Boston

Today I went to watch the Annual Marine Corp Honor Run at Carson Beach in Boston. Dave ran it as did my friend Michele. They both did great! It made me log to be on my bike doing my rides as I used to. As soon as it is out of the shop getting it's tune up, I will be back on it riding and doing my head clearing rides with my friend Meliss and now Dave. Ohh.. how I miss those rides.

While I was at the run, I started shooting all of the events before and after AS well as the runners. They were ALL wonderful. Some had such incredible stories that were clear with the symbols on their shirts. Some had lost their children in Iraq, some were waiting for them to come home... SOME were Marines who had come home. Some were actually the men and women who were there and back and actually there and back again. There were parents, children, pets, girlfriends, boyfriends proud friends... SOME were even running in the name of their boyfriends and girlfriends who had served..

I was SO proud of ALL of the runners and their families and those for whom they ran. I took LOTS of pictures.. and I want to share them. I am not sure WHO will EVER see these, but I HOPE those who ran will find them on the web and be able to share them. If someone sees one of themselves.. PLEASE email me and let me know and I will send you the image.

Congratulations to ALL!

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06 April 2011


Good composition is build on so many different factors, yet it is really quite simple. I believe that it can be accomplished by really enjoying what you are shooting. The photographer will become invested in showing the subject matter in it's best light.
There ARE a few things that I try to convey to my students as the basics they should start with. This is, mind you, AFTER they get over the thinking about every tun of the aperture and setting the shutter, making sure the right ISO is selected.. So, once all of THAT has been completed.. THEN think about the composition... Run free.. shoot as MANY images as you can fit on as many of your cards available.

What are the basics of composition? What simply put, are the 10 questions the photographer should be thinking when they start to set up the shot..

  • What is the story I am telling?
  • What is the visual focal point of this shot?
  • What competing focal points are there?
  • What is the background and foreground?
  • Am I close enough?
  • What is the main source of light?
  • Is my framing straight? (And if not, why not.. does it help the composition)
  • How should holding the camera in the other format change this shot?
  • What other perspectives could I capture this subject from?
  • How will the eye travel though this image?
Think about it.. these are all pretty basic and can be done in one quick fleeting thought. give it a try.. and again... the MOST important thing to do..

Take as many pictures as you can of one thing.. or ANYTHING... Keep shooting...

Next time, I will post a quick video I did on how to select hair.. without the helmet head look!

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17 March 2011

St Patrick's Day

Today while walking down Boylston St in Boston on St Patrick's Day.. it was 60 degrees. I had a sweater on and I was actually hot. We had lunch sitting outside and it was wonderful! I ran into a bunch of people I knew and it was fun catching up with them. There was all sorts of activity on the street, and for a change, I brought my camera with me. I started shooting, and I sadly in this example.. was not checking the back of my camera. I have been trying to get out of the habit. When I shot with film I was not able to look at the back of my camera.. well now should be no different. I try so hard to not have my students do it..
So, sadly... I turned on my camera.. knowing I had an extra card and an extra battery.. I was ALL set this time.. BUT... I did what I ALWAYS say to my students NOT to do...

I did not check what the ISO was. So, I set the camera as though I hat is set properly.. ALSO.. I did nto look to see that my images were coming out well.. THEN.. to top it off... I only took one of each photo.. and kept walking. (The other thing I ask my students not to do.)

Usually, the first class they hear me say.. "I want you to take a minimum of 100 shots, and I want 10 final images." the class looks at me thinking.. ok I took the wrong class.. this professor is CRAZY! Why is she asking me to take so many..
THEN after the first 3 assignments.. they realize, one shot of something is no good.. "I need to shoot lots of one thing in different angles and settings and perspectives.. One of them might be the best one".

After all of this.. what did I do? A great band was playing.. and I did not take more than one. So, I admit my flaw.. and I hope this is a lesson..I got some great images IF they were at te correct ISO. The exposure of these images would have been much better and LESS underexposed.

Basically, I wish I could find where this band played and I could re-shoot them. They were SUPER! Also, as a side note.. They had a point.. The trumpet player said to me... "You need ot leave a tip of you are going to photograph us". This is a good point. I need to compensate these artists for their work. They are very talented and it is the same thing as what I do. I almost did to them what so many do to me... And for that, I am sorry and I am GLAD they said somethign to me.
Lesson learned. BUT.. I will find them again so I can reshoot it. They were SUPER!

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06 March 2011

HDR and Marblehead and possible front yard?

Today was an experience.. I decided to do one of my class projects that my students are doing. The Photo 2 class which is 100% virtual has been assigned HDR imaging. Where in the past it was a lot of work with the film and the editing and the darkroom, now it is fairly simple with the shooting and going into Photoshop CS5.

What is HDR? High Dynamic Range. Basically, it creates a higher range of highlights and shadows. It creates a more "dynamic" range of vibrancy and luminance.

Today was a day in Marblehead looking at a place on the water. It is, to say the least.. gorgeous!!! So, I decided to take some pictures of the front yard. right near Boston yacht Club. Right in the Historical District... Right near.. an old favorite of mine.. sigh... The King's Rook. Sadly it was closed in 2001 when the owner was found in his home after committing suicide. A VERY sad story and a lost special place. But.. time to look for another one.. (lots in walking distance..)

But... I digress....

The project was to find something and shoot an HDR image. So... I shot lots of images.. all different f.stops on a cloudy day and I got something pretty interesting...
Let's take a look!


The final composition in HDR
Finally, This is what I came up with and I think it is pretty spiffy! I am not disliking HDR as much as I used to!!!

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13 February 2011

Lion Dance in Chinatown 2011

For the first time, I experienced the Lion Dance in Chinatown, then went to Dim Sum with my sweetie. It is a very cold 30 degrees, but it was well worth the cold fingers, nose and ears. There was an excitement in the air, and the children were peering around the corners wondering what the fire crackers would signify. I found myself peering around corners in anticipation.

Lion dance is played on the beat of drums. The music beats synchronizes the motions and steps of the performer. Evolution of latest technology has added a glowing color in New Year festival. According to Chinese fables, Lion dance is creation of wise counselor, who formed it after getting words from god, "A lion would protect them from evil". Another story reveals that lion dance is symbol of victory of villager against evil lion (reference).

I captured some great motion shots, and some stills. I was trying to capture the looks on faces, but because of the short intervals it was very hard. Needless to say I got quite a few images and it is certainly out of my comfort zone. Following are some of the images that I captured during this wonderful experience! I hope to see it again next year.

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08 February 2011

Focal Point achieved WITHOUT the Schindler's List approach

There is a way to shoot an image of substance, with great composition and interesting subject matter and a very clear focal point and movement, without using what I call the "Schindler's List" approach. What is this you ask? Good question.. here is a still from the Spielberg's 1993 beautifully filmed black and white documentary:

What do you note in this image, and this is something that carries throughout many points in this historical film? The little girl in the red coat. We see her walking hand in hand with her neighbors, then we see her walking in a war strewn lonely street alone, walking around a corner.

In 1993, this was a brilliant way to bring our attention to the importance, and symbolism of this child. How small she is compared to the masses, the war, the death... Brilliant ... in 1993... in this movie!

Here was are in 2011, and I will say now that photo editing software is so prevalent in so many households, and the DSLR (Digital single lens reflex) cameras are easily accessible for the right sized paycheck. As they say in the commercials "I do not NEED to know how to take a good picture.. the camera does it for me".  Well, and NOW on their computers with the right software package the fingers over the edge can be cloned out, or the neighbor's kid throwing a rock in the background can just look as though he is now smiling and waving at the poor defenseless victim off frame.

Sadly, this "style" has run amok... It is used by students, people with the new software, all of those new camera people deciding they are professionals now doing this. I am reminded of the school portraits I saw when I was in maybe 5th grade with the child's portrait and then a silhouette up in the right corner. Boy did I want my school to do that.. THANKFULLY prep school strikes again.. it was a public school phenomenon..

On to now... enough of this diatribe...

In my Photo Basics classes, aside from teaching the basics to file organization and workflow and basic photoshop, I also attempt to teach composition, color, light, focal point, f.stops, shutter speeds, ISO, what the sensor actually does.. But MORE importantly.. composition and how to actually take a dynamic image and get the results you want through the LENS and NOT through a photo editing application.

One of the projects I assign is Use A COLOR as the subject. It is the main focal point. I want them to shoot in areas where the color they choose is the focal point. BUT.. the caveat is.. NO PHOTO EDITING SOFTWARE desaturation of the rest of the image to make the one color the focal point. USE YOUR TALENT!!! USE YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD COMPOSITION!!!
After I see a few heads drop thinking.. oh wait.. now I have to actually be good at this? They they scamper off to shoot their assignment .. (ok not really scamper)

Sometimes you get a student who STILL decides that they cannot create a satisfying and dynamic well composed image WITHOUT STILL using the desaturation option.. then there are those that REALLY get it and work and get wonderful shots.  But, I want to show how the two can look done well.. and done like someone who cannot think out of the paper bag (as it were...).

Here is the image that was submitted. The color is pink, she had a series of 5 final images, all of which made the color the focal point successfully. The composition followed the "Rule of Thirds" (a little link to explain...) and was  successfully quite dynamic as it was shot. There was a little dust removed from this image and a little bit of rotation done to straighten the ground.
Michelle Martin © 2009 Color Study

This is a gorgeous image in my opinion; the web does not do it justice. Now, on to the "I really do not want to make an effort thinking about composition and I have a camera that does it all for me, and then Photoshop is COOOOOL!!!!" image. Note how the warm summery feeling created by the colors and the environment and color choices are now missing.
How I ruined Martin's photo - I'm sorry Michelle!
Now if you note.. this is an advertisement for a pink dress and a vampire in a bland world. The image has now become flat and a run of the mill.

I would LOVE to see some folks do this assignment and show what they come up with. I KNOW there is raw talent out there.. BEFORE the grips of the photo editing software out there..

Let's see them!

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03 February 2011

Amelia Merriam

Today was a day filled with excitement, hope, beauty, and love.

Amelia Merriam * Born 1/31/11 * 6 lb5 oz, 18.75"  * 2011 © Elisabeth Neville

I went to one of the MGH hospital branches to go and meet one of my closest friends since high school, which says a lot since she is one of the bright lights of those times, new daughter. Jen and Steve looked wonderful and were glowing. 32 hrs of labor from start to.. well.. the C Section. Yes, one more reason why I am happy to be the "auntie" instead of the bearer of my own children.

Amelia was 6lb 5oz and born on Jan 31, 2011. She entered the world perfectly.. All fingers and toes perfectly formed. A little tiny perfect freckle on the side of her left foot.. (Just like mine.. coincidentally...) Holding her made my stress fade and my heart swell and each breath seem that much more important. Amelia's smell is the perfect little baby smell. Her skin is soft as powder and the hair on her head fine and blondish brown and as soft as her skin.
2011 © Elisabeth Neville
Every photograph I took of her did not seem to capture all the beauty that was peacefully laying in my arms. Her eyes, though still the early gray color and unable to see much more than shadows looked around and she tried to focus on anywhere a sound or vibration started or subsided.
Steve picked his daughter up and was making the whooshing sound that Amelia had been listening to for the past 9 months. There is nothing more beautiful. He is already in love with this little princess.

2011 © Elisabeth Neville
I gush from my hour or so with this new little family and I look forward to many times with these three with my camera to capture how they all grow and develop with each other. I know Amelia will be a beautiful little brilliant leader of her time. I am excited to have met her today, and I look forward to a long relationship watching her grow into the woman she will once be.

Welcome Amelia!

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02 February 2011

February 2011

Here it is already 2011 and ALREADY February. WOW.. I need to get cracking on some of these projects. What are the projects you ask? (Oh wait.. no one did..) Well I will share them anyway!
New project.. Need to get the folks together..
Organizing work
Finishing frames
Getting grants for possible school

yup... I am still waiting.. I am hoping the happy outcome will be seen on here soon, but.. who knows. It is really out of my hands at this point. I have done all I can do.

BUT, I have started cooking, and I am having so much fun in the kitchen again. and yup.. my weight has gone down. In a little but I am off to the gym!
more later!

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12 January 2011

Messy Messy Messy

I have been working and teaching and in the studio and then I have also been trying to avoid all ov the above while I sit and wait to hear from BU.. YEP I am awaiting hearing to see if I made it into the MA/PhD History of Art/Photography program at BU.. I am SO excited to start in the Fall but sitting and waiting for the letter or email or whatever it is these days.
Is it a HUGE envelope?
Is it an email?
What if it goes into my **SPAM** folder?
What if I do not get in?
What if my GRE scores REALLY DO matter?

Sometimes I feel as though my little CityVille is what my real life is like.. CLUTTERED and crowded. I found myself avoiding life.. watching this silly new channel called "Hub TV" on cable and playing CityVille on Facebook (I blame Dave.. YUP.. I SURE DO!). I looked at the screen and stared. I do nto have a lot of land, but I SURE do have a LOT of junk thrown in there. If I EVER lived in that space I would be screaming to get out. What is the thought process? Little cottages next to big town houses, next to bigger apartment buildings with town halls and company HQs in one's backyard?

CityVille on Facebook.. a MAJOR DISTRACTION!

I have realized.. I think I need to straighten a few things out.. I need to do some spring cleaning.. though I recognize there is a foot of very heavy snow outside. SOMETHING has got to give.

BUT, let me make this very very clear.. I have SO MAY other very very good things making me VERY happy.. ONE of which was mentioned (and blamed... ) in this blog entry.
Well, maybe I will finish watching an episode of Happy Days, read a few chapters on my Kindle and get some sleep..

G'night Everybody (say it like Donny and Marie Osmond at the end of their show!!)

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