12 January 2011

Messy Messy Messy

I have been working and teaching and in the studio and then I have also been trying to avoid all ov the above while I sit and wait to hear from BU.. YEP I am awaiting hearing to see if I made it into the MA/PhD History of Art/Photography program at BU.. I am SO excited to start in the Fall but sitting and waiting for the letter or email or whatever it is these days.
Is it a HUGE envelope?
Is it an email?
What if it goes into my **SPAM** folder?
What if I do not get in?
What if my GRE scores REALLY DO matter?

Sometimes I feel as though my little CityVille is what my real life is like.. CLUTTERED and crowded. I found myself avoiding life.. watching this silly new channel called "Hub TV" on cable and playing CityVille on Facebook (I blame Dave.. YUP.. I SURE DO!). I looked at the screen and stared. I do nto have a lot of land, but I SURE do have a LOT of junk thrown in there. If I EVER lived in that space I would be screaming to get out. What is the thought process? Little cottages next to big town houses, next to bigger apartment buildings with town halls and company HQs in one's backyard?

CityVille on Facebook.. a MAJOR DISTRACTION!

I have realized.. I think I need to straighten a few things out.. I need to do some spring cleaning.. though I recognize there is a foot of very heavy snow outside. SOMETHING has got to give.

BUT, let me make this very very clear.. I have SO MAY other very very good things making me VERY happy.. ONE of which was mentioned (and blamed... ) in this blog entry.
Well, maybe I will finish watching an episode of Happy Days, read a few chapters on my Kindle and get some sleep..

G'night Everybody (say it like Donny and Marie Osmond at the end of their show!!)

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