17 March 2011

St Patrick's Day

Today while walking down Boylston St in Boston on St Patrick's Day.. it was 60 degrees. I had a sweater on and I was actually hot. We had lunch sitting outside and it was wonderful! I ran into a bunch of people I knew and it was fun catching up with them. There was all sorts of activity on the street, and for a change, I brought my camera with me. I started shooting, and I sadly in this example.. was not checking the back of my camera. I have been trying to get out of the habit. When I shot with film I was not able to look at the back of my camera.. well now should be no different. I try so hard to not have my students do it..
So, sadly... I turned on my camera.. knowing I had an extra card and an extra battery.. I was ALL set this time.. BUT... I did what I ALWAYS say to my students NOT to do...

I did not check what the ISO was. So, I set the camera as though I hat is set properly.. ALSO.. I did nto look to see that my images were coming out well.. THEN.. to top it off... I only took one of each photo.. and kept walking. (The other thing I ask my students not to do.)

Usually, the first class they hear me say.. "I want you to take a minimum of 100 shots, and I want 10 final images." the class looks at me thinking.. ok I took the wrong class.. this professor is CRAZY! Why is she asking me to take so many..
THEN after the first 3 assignments.. they realize, one shot of something is no good.. "I need to shoot lots of one thing in different angles and settings and perspectives.. One of them might be the best one".

After all of this.. what did I do? A great band was playing.. and I did not take more than one. So, I admit my flaw.. and I hope this is a lesson..I got some great images IF they were at te correct ISO. The exposure of these images would have been much better and LESS underexposed.

Basically, I wish I could find where this band played and I could re-shoot them. They were SUPER! Also, as a side note.. They had a point.. The trumpet player said to me... "You need ot leave a tip of you are going to photograph us". This is a good point. I need to compensate these artists for their work. They are very talented and it is the same thing as what I do. I almost did to them what so many do to me... And for that, I am sorry and I am GLAD they said somethign to me.
Lesson learned. BUT.. I will find them again so I can reshoot it. They were SUPER!

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06 March 2011

HDR and Marblehead and possible front yard?

Today was an experience.. I decided to do one of my class projects that my students are doing. The Photo 2 class which is 100% virtual has been assigned HDR imaging. Where in the past it was a lot of work with the film and the editing and the darkroom, now it is fairly simple with the shooting and going into Photoshop CS5.

What is HDR? High Dynamic Range. Basically, it creates a higher range of highlights and shadows. It creates a more "dynamic" range of vibrancy and luminance.

Today was a day in Marblehead looking at a place on the water. It is, to say the least.. gorgeous!!! So, I decided to take some pictures of the front yard. right near Boston yacht Club. Right in the Historical District... Right near.. an old favorite of mine.. sigh... The King's Rook. Sadly it was closed in 2001 when the owner was found in his home after committing suicide. A VERY sad story and a lost special place. But.. time to look for another one.. (lots in walking distance..)

But... I digress....

The project was to find something and shoot an HDR image. So... I shot lots of images.. all different f.stops on a cloudy day and I got something pretty interesting...
Let's take a look!


The final composition in HDR
Finally, This is what I came up with and I think it is pretty spiffy! I am not disliking HDR as much as I used to!!!

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