06 April 2011


Good composition is build on so many different factors, yet it is really quite simple. I believe that it can be accomplished by really enjoying what you are shooting. The photographer will become invested in showing the subject matter in it's best light.
There ARE a few things that I try to convey to my students as the basics they should start with. This is, mind you, AFTER they get over the thinking about every tun of the aperture and setting the shutter, making sure the right ISO is selected.. So, once all of THAT has been completed.. THEN think about the composition... Run free.. shoot as MANY images as you can fit on as many of your cards available.

What are the basics of composition? What simply put, are the 10 questions the photographer should be thinking when they start to set up the shot..

  • What is the story I am telling?
  • What is the visual focal point of this shot?
  • What competing focal points are there?
  • What is the background and foreground?
  • Am I close enough?
  • What is the main source of light?
  • Is my framing straight? (And if not, why not.. does it help the composition)
  • How should holding the camera in the other format change this shot?
  • What other perspectives could I capture this subject from?
  • How will the eye travel though this image?
Think about it.. these are all pretty basic and can be done in one quick fleeting thought. give it a try.. and again... the MOST important thing to do..

Take as many pictures as you can of one thing.. or ANYTHING... Keep shooting...

Next time, I will post a quick video I did on how to select hair.. without the helmet head look!

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