31 July 2011

Bugs and Flowers

What is it about me and photos of bugs and flowers?

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30 July 2011

Farmer's market in Marblehead

What a beautiful day today is..
After a well needed rest last night, we decided to go to the Farmer's Market in Marblehead.

First I want to add that my favorite, Crystal Brook Farm in Sterling, MA was there! They are a farm I used to go to every Thursday at the Copley Farmer's Market. They have the BEST goat cheese spreads and logs..mmmm. AND they remembered me.. hmm.. he remembered what I used to ask for every single week and that I was rushing to jump on the 39 bus. NOW he is here in Marblehead.. woooo.. goodie for ME... (I guess really good for them.. I am now going to clean them out each week..)

There were ALSO lots of beautiful dogs, and puppies. A couple had their new Wheaton Terrier with them.. ADORABLE!!! But those little baby teeth. Good luck to them.. There was another puppy.. Bordeau.. BEAUTIFUL.. and in LOVE with his stick!

So, beyond that.. LOTS of PERFECT veggies and fruit. What a fun morning! Thought I would share..

Wonderful day! A must go!

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28 July 2011

Looking at documentary Photography

I was looking for something to show a good example of documentary photography. Something that is more relevant to today and is emotionally driven. I started looking at someone's blog that I really respect Fred Ritchen. He is incredibly informative and in meeting him I was so impressed and enthralled. He has a lot of great things to say and write.
While looking at Ritchen's blog, I read an article, A Novelist with a Camera which brought me to Tim Hetherington's page. though his talent is sorely missed I continued through his site looking for examples, and found something that literally stopped me in my tracks. I have no other words to this, other than.. please watch this. It is VERY powerful!

Sleeping Soldiers_single screen (2009) from Tim Hetherington on Vimeo.

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05 July 2011

My Directed Study.. Ashley Hodges

This past semester, I had a student whose final project I am VERY proud of. Her work is incredible, and her vision since the FIRST class I had her in has been clear and meaningful. There were moments where she felt she had lost her way, but honestly she knew all along. She just needed a little push every so often.

I am VERY proud of her and she was my FIRST student, in the FIRST class I ever taught, and now, I am seeing her graduate after all of her hard work, and I could NOT be prouder of her than I am today!

Here is a video of the booklet she created. If you want to read it (and it is well worth it...) Pause when it comes to the written portions.

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

Congratulations Ashley! I am VERY VERY proud of you and ALL of your work!!!

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04 July 2011

Lovely etchings and a new project

In walking around the new neighborhood, which I ADORE.. I found a wonderful bookstore called Authors and Artists it is a VERY dangerous store for me because there are wonderful old children's books, art books, photo books, anything you can possibly imagine. While there, I found a book, or what USED to be a monthly publication for children. It has short stories, informational articles, songs with their musical scores and the most lovely etchings ever.

the book is: Our Little Ones and Nursery. An Illustrated Magazine for Little People. published in 1886 by Russell Publishing Company on 36 Bromfield Street in Boston, MA. I have volume 5 for that year. It is a beautiful hard cover. I did a search for more information and I found an ad in the Good Housekeeping Magazine saying how wonderful it is, and for only 15 cents a copy or $1.50 for a year subscription (mind you this is a leather bound book).

"Now is the time to subscribe to the most beautiful magazine in the world for the youngest readers. If you have never seen it, send us your address and we will mail you a specimen copy free. Canvassers wanted. Newsdealers sell it. one year, $1.50 Single Copies, 15 cts. "
How can you turn that down?

Here is a sample:

Isn't that just gorgeous?

I have been going through the book and I found some wonderful stories and I cannot wait to go in and start shooting and getting some projects together. I am Now going to combine my love of books AND my love of photography..

I think THAT is what it is ALL about!!!

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03 July 2011

Marblehead Festival of the Arts 2011

An exciting thing!

July 2 - 4, 2011 in Marblehead MA there is the Marblehead Festival of the Arts. Every year for the 4th of July weekend there is a  group that celebrates the arts. This has been going on since 1962. The work that is shown is juried and awarded.

This year, as a new resident, I submitted my work, and it was accepted. VERY excited. It may be seen in The Old Town Hall in the historic part of town. It is also surrounded by a lot of events and fun and performances. There are also paintings that are in the Abbot Hall and throughout the town in outher establishments.

It was lovely walking around the town yesterday, seeing the children getting their faces painted and the families tasting foods and wines and cheeses and looking at all the little stores have to offer.

It is definitely something to see. AND .. while you are down there.. go see my photo!

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