30 November 2011

Exposure 2011 | Elisabeth Neville

I submitted my work to a competition.. I am HOPING I get some.. One.. maybe two votes..

Exposure 2011 | Elisabeth Neville

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17 November 2011

Space and lighting

Working in the studio today, I got  lot of things accomplished. I had hoped to get my pricing completed for the open studios, but that will have to hold off until a later time, maybe this weekend. I decided to play with my lighting and figure out the new space I have in here.

I have been working in VERY small spaces and jamming all of my lighting into these spaces and trying to correct for the lack of space and the overabundance of lighting. Today was VERY exciting. I got the light box on the lights, I got the lights hung from the rafters, I got the objects I wanted up on the wall, and I started shooting. no blood, no drama.. no problem.
Now.. where ARE those cables of mine? you know.. I USED to have about 10 of each of them.. now .. nothing.. hmmm.. curiouser.. and curiouser...

Here is one of the many I got from the lovely space I now have. Oh what fun.. Now what shall I do?

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07 November 2011

Still working away

I am not realizing just how rusty I really am. Though, I am beginning to understand what Dad was talking about when he would say drawing and going into that mental space was very relaxing. The only thing that is NOT relaxing is seeing just how bad and out of practice I am these days.

One great thing is I have a photo shoot this week and then I have preparation to do for the open studios that are coming up December 3. (More on that later).

But, for now.. back to the sketchbook.

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05 November 2011


Tonight I will be drawing eyes.. all sorts of eyes. A whole page of eyes. It is what draws me in with my camera, and now I will try to get drawn in with pencil and charcoal.

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