31 January 2012

Photo A Day - Jan 31 - Self Again

I did it... The end to January...

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Photo A Day - Jan30 - Nature

The second to last of the series "A Photo A Day" in January. This has been tough to stay on top of. Mainly because it started to feel like homework and I have mot missed that.

But, the thing that is important is to realize I should always have my camera with me. NOW.. I do!

One more Jan 31 is for "you again". Sigh... MAYBE I will do a self portrait, but.. it is a tough thing!

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29 January 2012

So you cannot really eat it!

I NOW have food inside of the fridge also, but I do have film still.. What can I say?
The day called to shoot what is in the fridge.. Chocolate syrup and film and paper.. Though I can say, no more nail polish!

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28 January 2012

Photo A Day Jan 26 Color

I have a slight addiction to blue glass. And when the option was color for one of the photos; I was thrilled to play with one of my "collection".

Photo a Day - Jan 26 - Color
Elisabeth Neville © 2012

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27 January 2012

PhotoADay_Jan22 - My Shoes

PhotoADay_Jan17-23-2 by ENevillePhotog
PhotoADay_Jan17-23-2, a photo by ENevillePhotog on Flickr.
I have had a lot of fun with the photo a day for January. It has been hard to stay disciplined with it, but fun to see what is coming next. I started getting frustrated trying to think of a "VERY creative" way to represent each day; then I realized.. it is MORE fun to just have fun with it. Ironically, what I tell my students all the time with their assignments.

Via Flickr:
Photo A Day - Jan 22 - My Shoes
Elisabeth Neville © 2012

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22 January 2012

New Member Exhibit

I am very excited that I will be part of a show coming up in February. I will be showing at the Marblehead Arts Association's New Member Exhibit. I will have 5 pieces and they are being finalized right now.

I went a little out of my typical space and I did some landscape photography this time. I still have some portraiture in there, but I wanted to try to get in some of my other images that I have shot. Living in Marblehead, there are SO many opportunities to capture the beauty of the ocean and the small town and boating community. I actually had a lot of fun shooting the landscape photos, and I was quite surprised. Yes.. I surprised myself when stepping out of my comfort zone. Change.. BAH!

Elisabeth Neville © 2012 - Winter Boating

The info on this show:
Marblehead Arts Association
8 Hooper Street - Marblehead, MA 

Show runs from February 4 - February 27
Opening Reception: February 5, 2012 * 2pm - 4pm

There will be wine, and appetizers for all to enjoy! I hope I get to see some of you there!

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06 January 2012


Today I submitted some of my images of the Strong and Handsome Black Men I know to the National Coalition of 100 Black Women in RI. The juror is someone who I had the opportunity to meet the night of my friend Craig's opening. L'Merchie Frazier had a gorgeous quilt showing that I still think about. the show is called "Afrocentric". I would be so honored if I am able to show my work in this show.

One of the images I submitted was that from the showing in Griffin. I love those images and I think they show a definite strength and love. I have a great deal of love and respect for my models and all that they do with and for their families and also for themselves.

Growing up I did not think there was anyone as wonderful as my father. These men prove to be VERY close. :)

Here is one of the images. More info on the status later.. Hopefully it will be good.

"Untitled" - Elisabeth Neville © 2010

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