06 May 2012


Today was a very interesting day.

Today I met the women that received my father's anatomical donation at Tufts Medical Graduate School. They were kind, respectful and caring. I have to be honest, I have not been doign well with the idea that some random students would be "working" on my father's body and studying him.I cannot express the thoughts that went through my mind.

The class was "Group 28". They were 2 men and 2 women. I met the women. In our talk I learned that they had become quite endeared with his handsome face. They noticed that he was very athletic and that he was just young at heart. That he was 72 years old (they found out at the end of their studies) was amazing. They SWORE he was 45.
The two women I met spoke of their respect of him and what they learned and it brought me to tears. They both hugged me with an understanding that it was a real person. They looked at his art work and were amazed. They looked at his pictures of his high jumping and were amazed and impressed. They heard stories of our competition in sports, art, piano, degrees... on an don and laughed and were impressed by all of his accomplishments.
Our family friend Hugh, gave them the obit and his eulogy and I thought that was brilliant. I great way for them to know more. I told them of our show at Griffin Museum the day after his death and how he helped them with the layout of the show.
Though I felt a great deal of sadness while I was there, and during the ceremony, I left with an uplifted and comforted feeling. I still miss my father more that I could even express, but I know that he was respected, even in death and I know that I am able to speak to him every day and also I know I will see him again one day.

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