31 July 2012

More walking

A casual stroll. The beautiful gardens in town.

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29 July 2012

Looking forward

Through the worst. I am beginning to look forward.

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27 July 2012

Marblehead scene.

My home town. Just a day walking around.

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Something for the beginner's world

I have had many ask "what does the aperture have to do with bokeh/depth of field/that blurry look you get?".

Well, I found this on a site that really clearly states it. I say print it out. Put it on the wall when you are thinking of shooting (which should be all the time in my opinion). And go out and SHOOT!!

Get that image IN the camera, NOT in the computer applications. Pretend that card is the film, and the computer is the processor. As Picard would say... "Make it SO!".

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26 July 2012

There are so many days I wish I had the nerve. Such a beautiful bike. My most beautiful model.

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