22 August 2012

Lovely Day at the Barn

Today I had a great experience. I was able to do a shoot with one of the most beautiful creatures on this planet. A horse. I met Ted in Wenham, MA and was able to capture some beautiful portraits of my new friend.
I thought I might share one of my favorites!

Ted - Elisabeth Neville Photography © 2012

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17 August 2012

End of Summer Promotion

I will be holding an End of Summer Promotion.

If you book an appointment (50% down) before September 30, 2012, you will get a discount on your initial order. Of course you may add additional prints or get that ever special image for your Facebook™ page! Regularly $150 ... until September $100!!!

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05 August 2012

A family weekend

I spent this past weekend with my significant other's family. It was a wonderful fun filled weekend. I have to admit one of the things I awaited was meeting one of the new nephew/grandsons that was born 8 mo ago. He was the most pleasant and calm and happy boy.

Also, during the weekend, I did a family shoot, that went seamlessly. (Which is always a wonderful thing.)

One of the shots made me really happy when I looked at it, and I am SO glad, I happened to have the camera up to my eye and ready to go when this lovely situation occurred. Mom and son; Just lovely!

Yarmouth, MA - August 2012 © Elisabeth Neville Photography

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03 August 2012

Passing Time

While waiting to be picked up at the Newton Highlands stop I looked around. Because I have all my camera equip. packed for a shoot tomorrow, the only option I had was my cell phone.

Worrying more about capturing the image than I was quality, I shot this utility pole.

The thing that attracted me to it was all of the staples, upon staples, upon staples. Throughout time and the posting of bills the staples remained. It made me wonder how old the pole was and what may have been hung there.

Someone's list cat? A car for sale? Instrument lessons maybe?

The list is endless and I am still none the wiser but fascinated.

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01 August 2012

Concert photography

©2012 E Neville
I must admit, I did one of those SUPER ridiculous things; I waited FOREVER fearing that my shots were horrible. In the end, the artist loved them! I was very lucky to be on "the list" to be able to shoot and to see such a great show. ALSO it is a band/singer I have been following since I was about 19 or 20.

So, beside it being an honor to shoot them, it was also just a lot of fun! Right lenses, right light and some great shots

©2012 E. Neville

Liz Borden Band at The Hard Rock Cafe in Boston, MA

©2012 E. Neville

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