20 December 2013

Twitter follow. WOW!!!!

What could be better than opening one's email and seeing this:

She is such an inspiration to me and I have looked up to her since I was just a girl. 
But, now... What do I say?? Hmmmm. 

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17 December 2013

Annual Rock & Soul Holiday Concert Benefit

On December 15th in Arlington, MA there was a wonderful concert put together. The Fifth Annual Rock and Soul Holiday Benefit Concert. It is put on to benefit the Music Drives Us organization.

The bands that performed were ALL really energized, talented and fun! It really was a great concert even though I was shooting it. I ALSO got to see some friends I have not seen in FAR too long! In fact, I have to say, all of the performers were gracious and fun and almost as crazy as I. I truly got the impression that each and every performer loved their fans and appreciated their patronage. It is WONDERFUL to see and to be a part of. 

I hope to be able to go to this every year and see these great bands! The following is the line up from the site:
Barrence Whitfield full-throttle soul screamer—WINNER OF 7 BOSTON MUSIC AWARDS!
Charlie Farren ...Romance, Passion, and Cool…
Danny Klein's Full House founding member & one-and-only Ace On Bass for J. GEILS BAND
Greg Hawkes Ukelele Performer & Keyboardist for The Cars, Todd Rundgren, and Turtles…
The Fools “The Only Band You’ll Ever Need—Boston’s Best Band… EVER!”
Doug Bell - Leader of 11 Time GRAMMY Nominee Bellevue Cadillac—“Kings of Swing”
Erin Harpe 2012 Boston Music Awards “Blues Artist of the Year”
Tsunami of Sound Boston’s “Emperors of Surf Instrumentals”
John Fannon & Hirsh Gardner of the Legendary Band, NEW ENGLAND
Sara Thompson a voice like Susan Tedeschi, soul like Janis Joplin, sultriness of Norah Jones
Special Guest: Christine Ohlman | Beehive Queen SNL Band Singer / “The Beehive Queen”
All Star Band with Cliff Goodwin, Wolf Ginandes, Mitch Chakour and Marty Richards

Barrence Whitfield and I were trying to explain what REAL "twerking" was backstage... It did not go well. I may have the parts, but I do NOT have the talent...
Christine Ohlman is just as cool as she could be! I could go on about each and every artist.. but I would be writing forever! 

It was just a great experience, and I thank Robin Lowe Moran for asking me to shoot the event! To see more photos go to: www.elisabethneville.com/rock-n-soul

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07 December 2013

Open Studios

So another year has already passed. I cannot believe it. So...

December 14, 2013
10:00am - 4:00pm
The Studio at Porter Mills

Come on down!!!
I look forward to seeing you! I will have prints and I will have cards for sale!

AND you can sign up for classes too!!!

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02 December 2013

Out on Marblehead Neck on a cold winter's morning

Waiting to do a family holiday shoot, I actually decided to take a moment and look at my surroundings. They were beautiful and peaceful.

Castle Rock - November 2013

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21 November 2013

Griffin Focus Revised 2013

Every year is the Griffin Museum Focus awards. This year was as fun as last and it will go on! I make a quick appearance in these slides.. you will miss it if you blink :)
But.. it is well worth the watch!!!

Hope to see some of you there for next year's award ceremony!

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10 November 2013

New Classes - GREAT for the Holiday Gift Giving!

4-class Digital Photo Workshop In Marblehead
January 2014
Wednesdays (Jan. 8, 15, 22 and 29th) either 9am - 11am OR 7pm - 9pm
Saturdays (Jan 4, 11, 18, and 25th) 9am - 11am
Course Description: What is it? Understanding light, and how the camera works. Best of all, the backdrop for this exciting photographic adventure will be beautiful and friendly Marblehead! You get a chance to learn how to use the camera that has been sitting in the closet, or you have had in auto mode forever, OR learn how to use that wonderful holiday gift you received!
Learn how to include people in your frame with a gentle approach to street photography. From street portraits to candid shots, every day will bring new opportunities to practice techniques and get over the fear of photographing strangers in the street.
all in the eyes

We will also spend time learning composition which will lead to stronger images. Learning to see around you and pay attention to all that is around you. Color, light, shape, space.

 This workshop will give you the skills to create story-telling images wherever your travels may take you and your camera. You will also learn how to turn any photo walk in a familiar place into an exciting adventure by learning to see the extraordinary in the mundane. We start with a classroom presentation or critique followed by a photo walk. We will explore different neighborhoods daily and practice what was learned in the classroom.

You will leave the workshop with a better understanding of your camera and the world around you, a few pictures to frame for your walls and a stronger desire to carry your camera around with you everywhere you go..
Equipment Needed: A camera that gives you the manual mode. If you do NOT have a DSLR, some of the more developed (get it?) point and shoots usually have this option. A VERY basic photo upload application. Further classes will deal with applications and editing.
Where: 65 Atlantic Avenue Marblehead. A detailed classroom and schedule will be sent out to participants one month prior to the workshop.
Tuition: The tuition to attend this four day workshop is $300 (This includes, printing, paper and 2 hrs per session of lessons and shooting.)
Class RegistrationNow (registration closes on December. 15 or when full) Class limited to 10

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28 October 2013

Head Shots for Social Networking!!!

Get those headshots ready for all of your social networking and even dating sites. 

Instead of the picture of you slugging down a martini on a beach with unknown outfits that lack professionalism, you can get some great images done!

Gather your office together for the quick 10 minute sitting, or take your time in my studio and have a few more options. 

Let me know and we can set it all up!!!

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29 September 2013

Head shots - a bit of a new logo?

I have been working on getting my head shots together, and also trying to get a better logo. I think I have decided that I need to redo the logo to something that is MUCH simpler AND can go on magnets, shirts, hats.. etc. SO, I redid that part, and then I decided to try to get more organized head shot cards.
Oh to keep up.. to keep up.

I am looking for some feedback, ideas, thoughts... anything? Throw it at me! :)

Tony W head shots - elisabeth neville photography © 2013

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15 September 2013

5th annual Hearts for Arts

I will be donating some artwork to the Arts for Hearts charity party. I am excited to be able to do this AND be included with some of the greatest artists in Boston! I'm honored! I hope some can make it and buy some great work!!!

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04 September 2013

Beads, beads, beads...

I have been trying to figure out this bead thing. I have ALWAYS wanted to do it and now I have a couple of friends who create beautiful artwork with them. I am noticing it is a great deal like knitting. You begin to collect them. Collect wire, string, beads, glass, plastic on and on.
 Now I think I have a new thing to add to my studio collections and projects. YEY!!

wire - 2013 © elisabeth neville

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31 August 2013

Kamerakind and Where is Waldo?

As one in her mid 40s, I am STILL stopped dead when I see a challenge to Find Waldo! And NOW... is it possible?... There is one photographically created! The artists at Kamerakind are my new heroes!!!

you must look at this AND Find Waldo!!!

Have fun!!!

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30 August 2013

A reboot

Recently I have to admit,  have been wallowing in self doubt and pity. I have been unable to find work, and I am beyond frustrated AGAIN about the situations I have been dealt. Then my non-narcissistic piece of the undamaged part of my brain kicks in and I realize that I have been very lucky.

I have been trying to make a go at being an artist. I enjoy having my studio. I enjoy being able to work on whatever project my heart directs me. I enjoy the peace. Today, I gave one of the other artists a large pile of art paper and books. They were my Dad's, and I was holding onto them for deal life. I think I was holding on in hopes that if I sniffed them hard enough I would smell him. Perhaps he would speak to me through them. What I must be honest about is I have still been in denial that he is gone. He is always in my heart and he is always in my thoughts. But, I need to make the memorial I have in my studio into a functioning work space for myself.

Today I spent the day playing with cameras. I was going to work on grant letters and additional paperwork. Tighten up a syllabus I have been changing and so on. But instead, the cameras and paper and toys and light drew me into a different space. I have been working on pinhole and more abstract styles AND I have been shooting with my Mamiya with the Polaroid back on it. Throwing the little strips all over the floor and watch Milo chase them as the fan blows them around.

willows - 2013 © Elisabeth Neville

I needed a day to reboot. I am not going to make it so my days are a forced effort to go to the studio, but I am going to be more faithful about doing what I do. After all the expense of my schooling and the "achievements" in a field in which I did not belong, should I be doing this? After all of the hopes and dreams for financial success, my Dad supported me at anything. He KNEW when I was through in a field where I worked too hard for nothing. For this I am thankful. NOW, I need to make him proud and pull myself up from my bootstraps, and get myself back on track.

Off to the studio!

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26 August 2013

A fun day playing with the cameras

It has been a while since I have had a good time just PLAYING with my cameras. No focus, no plan, no show, no "shoot". All for me.
I have to say, it was a lot of fun! I got to play with my medium format. I also got to, once again mourn the loss of Polaroid as I used the medium format. Ohhh Polaroid... why have you left me?  I guess I will be going to Fuji. I guess.

The house across the street - Polaroid - 2013 © Elisabeth Neville

Onto other things, I started playing with the macro lens. And nope, I was NOT photographing people! Nope, no pores, no eyeballs. Nope! I thought I would shot some of the things I randomly collect while I am out walking Milo. I KNEW there was a reason for it! It really was a fun day.
The end of the hydrangea - 2013 © Elisabeth Neville
 So, what will be the plan for tomorrow? Maybe I will work on the idea I have for my "next" project. Just so everyone will expect it... I MAY be short a finger, but I will TRY not to. I will be building! yup! BUILDING STUFF!

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13 August 2013

The grass is always greener / The color is the same?

The other day, I was sitting on my deck looking down on a group of youngsters (about 12 or so) walking, talking and laughing. A thought crossed my mind and I really could not find an answer. In my typical way, I attempted to troubleshoot my thought, now question, and figured I could come up with a logical answer. But, I was unable. So, what were the questions/thoughts?
What is it like to grow up in a neighborhood where everyone is of your race? Do you think about it? Does it ever come up in conversation?
I realized, more than any other time in my life that I have NO idea what it is like to be one of a village of my "racial peers". I grew up in an entirely Caucasian neighborhood, then went to a church, of the same .. and I went to prep school of, the same. Oh wait, I DID have other students in my high school that were from out of state and part of a program whose activities were closed so I was not allowed to participate.

Marblehead Harbor - 2013 © Elisabeth Neville

I grew up during the times of busing in Boston, yet I was in the northern suburbs so I was not affected. I was in the safe environment of a prep school filled with many of the families that I am sure (or I was told) were the blue bloods or originals from the long lines in EU. I, came from a family of strong, proud Nevilles that formed a fierce sense of family and loyalty. The ONLY issue with this, is I was not in the locality of this family, I was on the outskirts.

So again, what is it like to grow up in and live in an environment where you match.

I asked a friend and hoped for some sort of description or simple black and white (no pun intended) answer. This, I did not receive. How does one answer this? I am not sure of the answer that makes the most sense. Is it simply the grass is always greener? Is it different fitting in with a group of neighbors that all have something in common simply based on melanin? Does that make the conversations different? Other than the Black women and men they use in commercials acting loud, and intimidating and obnoxious (I can think of a few that cause Dave to change the channel so he does not have to listen to me complain) to sell insurance (Poor Flo!) or answer the phone and be a "real person" on the other end with their neck switching. You can almost see the slippers shuffling, robe flapping, hands on the hips and bandana covering the curlers and big butt flapping across the screen.

Mind you, my experiences have been with beautiful, articulate, artistic, athletic Black folk that are gainfully employed, socially responsible and civic minded and are my mentors. They are all different shades and I am VERY lucky to have met and worked with and known and on and on with them all.
Larry Pierce (artist) Gallery at the Piano Factory - Black &White Opening

I actually have to say, I yearn for a chance to fit into a group. I am not sure that I would know if I was there. Would it just be so warm that it would be seamless?
Would I just walk down the street with my friends talking and laughing? Or wait, I already do that, I just do not "look" like anyone else. But, does anyone?

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04 August 2013

Sea Monkeys and friends

Today, Dave and I spent the day with Banafsheh and Jamie. So much fun and laughter. I have to say it has been a very rough week and I have truly become a poor, starving artist. 

But, during brunch, I looked down at the table and saw a little glass cube shaped bowl. Inside there were little things moving around. What ever were they? They were "rescued" little shrimp. Rescued from the sure death by fish feeding, by Banafsheh. 
I laughed at her and called her "Koo Koo" but, I have to say; there was some sanity in there, as well as pure kindness for all living things. 
Of course I could not let them just sit there, so I took a photo. Yup, with my phone. And then, the topper.... I put it through Instagram. Yup! Talent I tell ya'! Talent!!

Something else to clarify... When I was a kid and sent away for those little guys, MY Seamonkeys just didn't have the same vim and vigor. Ah well... Lessons learned. 

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01 August 2013

A drive to Plymouth

On the way down, I looked up and thought: I could just reach out and grab those puffy clouds!

Though it's not possible, I do think the sky is beautiful today. 

Now, back to the regularly scheduled traffic. Have a lovely day!

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21 July 2013

African Development through Drum and Dance

We went down to the Salem Commons today to see the African Development through Drum and Dance (A3D) Their mission is to directly and personally impact the educational experience and well-being of children and families in Senegal, West Africa and locally in Salem. 

One of the other things is my friend Shira was playing, as was Mamadou.
It was so much fun to watch and be around so much positivity. 
AND there was an absolutely gorgeous woman there I HAD to take her picture.. And you know, when I NEED to take someone's photo.. there is NO hiding from me!! 

What I need to do is get Dave out there more that he has been. THAT is my goal for the rest of the summer. OR I may have to start giving him homework again. :) 

I ALSO realized that no matter what, I need to stop up a 1/2 step with my exposure when I am shooting. Sigh, BUT I had a fun time.. and it was wonderful weather. The heat wave was broken!

Look out world, I am out and shooting for myself again..

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15 July 2013

GREAT inspiration and fun

This past weekend Dave and I went to Provincetown to visit some friend (and artists) who were so kind to invite us to their home. Right on Commercial St on the West End, it was wonderful!
One of the great things that came out of the weekend is I am SO motivated to create. I have been in a stagnant state for a while. We spent the day walking from the West End to the East End and stopped in at some wonderful galleries, met some wonderful artists and got to hit some great air conditioning. (I was COOKED!.. and YES mom, I had on my SPF 100)

Dave was out taking photos of just about everything. That is his thing (street photography/documentary). I was out of my element and went for the things that caught my eye. This is something I do think I want to try to do more of. I always tell my students to always have their camera on them, and then I rarely follow my own advice. That is horrible, in my humble opinion. I see some pretty flowers.. I shoot (pathetic). I see some pretty places... I shoot (closer). I see interesting people...I shoot (funny, I didn't shoot one in PTown and there were plenty, as it was "Bear Week") But, as is goes.. I learn.

Here are a couple of images, and then I am off to start my creations.

ALL of the gardens were gorgeous! © 2013

A great shop, sadly closed, thankfully too, i would have spent all of my money in there. © 2013
Sadly, we missed the play! Maybe next time. ©2013

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07 July 2013

A Fun video

How true this is. But. it is with a  lot of fun too!
Thanks Lou Jones for sharing!

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06 July 2013

A day sitting on the porch

Sitting on the stairs on a Warm Summer Day ©

While I was sitting on my deck cooling off this evening, I saw a woman sitting across the street. For some reason I was drawn to her. She was almost a painting. I saw the colors, the light, the position and I almost wanted to run in and get my pastels or brushes. 
Then I remembered... oh yeah, they are in my studio. 

So I ran up (ok.. walked slowly up the stairs.. it is VERY hot.) and got my camera a started shooting. I realized, hmm, I tell my students to walk up and ask and so I decided to do just that.  She is a lovely woman reading from her Kindle® and waiting for her ride in what shade there was. We chatted for a bit, I gave her my card and asked if I could PLEASE take her picture. She was absolutely gorgeous and I HAD to. 

So sweetly she allowed me to, and I just said.. do not change a thing, pretend, if you can, I am not here.. She was a WONDERFUL model. And I completed my task.. I got some wonderful images. I thank her greatly!

So lovely! © 2013

A Daguerreotype circa 2013? © 2013

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28 June 2013

A little sneak preview of a new project

Last night I met with a wonderful model and she was just great. (Great AND Wonderful!) I needed to give her very little direction and she followed the lens and made it a really fun time. I hope to work with her again!

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24 June 2013

Channel Reunion Concert - June 23, 2013

Channel Reunion Concert, a set on Flickr.
Here are the images from the Channel Reunion Concert that was held at Club Royale in Boston on June 23, 2013. It was a wonderful concert! I was lucky enough to be in as the photographer for Lizzie Borden and the Axes! It was a great time!!!
The CHANNEL REUNION CONCERT to BENEFIT RIGHT~ TURN RECOVERY A 501C3 Charity. The CRC will reunite bands that played the Channel Rock Club as well as friends and staff who worked there! Bands playing are as follows...
Jon Butcher
Robin Lane & The Charbusters
Lizzie Borden & The Axes
Charlie Farren
New England
The Stompers
The Fools

Shot by: Elisabeth Photography © 2013

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