19 March 2013

The Taste in Winchester,MA ( my home town!!)

On March 22nd. There is going to be a wonderful event called The Taste! I am so excited to go taste a little bit of everything.
I hope some of the people I know will be there! It will be my first event as a corporator on the Griffin Museum Board!!!

Please buy tickets at www.griffinmuseum.org

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18 March 2013

White balance with Camera RAW

MAYBE a little better, but I am still a work in progress. I will get better. What I SHOULD be working on is things for Lightroom!!!

Here ya go.

WHY is it so blurry here, as opposed to YouTube? Ah well.. anyway...

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Part time job searching

I have been looking to do a part time job for some time now. I apply for photo jobs, retail jobs, even a job in a church working in their office. I have received SO many rejection emails, or no response that it is really discouraging.
Now, in the news you hear that there are SO many companies that are looking for employees. SO many jobs have opened up. Well, I have applied to almost ALL of them in this area, and I have heard nothing or "NO" back.

This last one is amazing to me...

The job description was for someone with photo retouching experience, Photoshop (at last CS3), Lightroom experience,product and portraiture, color calibration and color printing/prepress.

And the email I received the next monday (after applying on Friday evening):

"Thank you for your interest in the Part Time Photographer, [fill in company name] position at [one more time]. After reviewing all applications, we've determined that your skills and experience don't match this role quite as well as some other applicants. "

So, is it my portraiture experience, layout,  color calibration, printing and Prepress (from RIT and production artist positions) that does not fit the position? Did they have TIME to read the resume?

These are my questions. And is it because I am looking for part time? You know... because I APPLIED to the position which; it would stand to reason that I WANTED to do the job and I am not worried about being over qualified or travel too far, or bored, or.. or.. or...

I am beginning to lose my mind now. How could someone be over qualified, under qualified, live too far, have too much experience on their resume or wait.. my favorite one from the church... "You have too much experience you will leave". I might sell an ear soon. I wonder what the market is like in Germany...

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15 March 2013

White Balance the PS way

This is my FIRST video and I am all over the place but I think you get the idea. This is for correcting white balance with a .jpg file.
It diminishes the quality of the file of course becasue it is being done in PS and it is a .jpg file. I save it as a .tiff so it holds onto the adjustment layers.

In this I use CS6 and adjustment layers (curves, levels, exposure). Also, in the history I am using "snapshots" so I can start over without losing the history of the work I did. This is REALLY ROUGH!!! PLEASE bear with it. First time.. I will get better. I promise. :)

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05 March 2013

Outside the Lines Studio

Today I went to a wonderful place to meet the manager of the program there. The place is called Outside the Lines Studio.

"Outside the Lines is an arts-based program, run by artists, that provides day support and art mentorship to 35 adults with developmental disabilities and dual diagnosis. Through the arts, we create a place where everyone’s possibilities extend beyond their perceived limits, and where we are inspired to be creative and productive community members, both within our organization and in the broader world."
I took the opportunity a few months ago to send in my information to a posted position on HireCulture.org. This is a site for many of the creative fields to post open positions, full and part time, and also internships. In this situation I was just perusing the site and I saw this and it caught my interest, not to apply but just as a chance to speak to the director. She replied, thankfully and we spoke briefly of my getting back in touch with her in February. So, I did so, and today I met with her.

Else was wonderful, she has been with the program for a significant amount of time and is also an artist. We talked about the 25 resident artists and their daily lives. They spend their days with someone helping them out with their desired art. no matter the medium, no matter the time, they are given the tools, the space and the freedom to create. It is an ideal situation, I was a bit envious of the adults in the program.

I was asked what I was interested in. I explained my desire to work with stroke patients in their recovery, by using art as a means of communication, therapy, comfort. One of the largest things in my recovery was not having the ability to verbalize easily what I was feeling, which just built up my frustration. As I became healthier, I was able to go back to my art, and photography and start to use that outlet to soothe the situation. Presently, I am awaiting hearing about educational programs to learn more and to possibly set up such a program.

I left with a great feeling 


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