21 July 2013

African Development through Drum and Dance

We went down to the Salem Commons today to see the African Development through Drum and Dance (A3D) Their mission is to directly and personally impact the educational experience and well-being of children and families in Senegal, West Africa and locally in Salem. 

One of the other things is my friend Shira was playing, as was Mamadou.
It was so much fun to watch and be around so much positivity. 
AND there was an absolutely gorgeous woman there I HAD to take her picture.. And you know, when I NEED to take someone's photo.. there is NO hiding from me!! 

What I need to do is get Dave out there more that he has been. THAT is my goal for the rest of the summer. OR I may have to start giving him homework again. :) 

I ALSO realized that no matter what, I need to stop up a 1/2 step with my exposure when I am shooting. Sigh, BUT I had a fun time.. and it was wonderful weather. The heat wave was broken!

Look out world, I am out and shooting for myself again..

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15 July 2013

GREAT inspiration and fun

This past weekend Dave and I went to Provincetown to visit some friend (and artists) who were so kind to invite us to their home. Right on Commercial St on the West End, it was wonderful!
One of the great things that came out of the weekend is I am SO motivated to create. I have been in a stagnant state for a while. We spent the day walking from the West End to the East End and stopped in at some wonderful galleries, met some wonderful artists and got to hit some great air conditioning. (I was COOKED!.. and YES mom, I had on my SPF 100)

Dave was out taking photos of just about everything. That is his thing (street photography/documentary). I was out of my element and went for the things that caught my eye. This is something I do think I want to try to do more of. I always tell my students to always have their camera on them, and then I rarely follow my own advice. That is horrible, in my humble opinion. I see some pretty flowers.. I shoot (pathetic). I see some pretty places... I shoot (closer). I see interesting people...I shoot (funny, I didn't shoot one in PTown and there were plenty, as it was "Bear Week") But, as is goes.. I learn.

Here are a couple of images, and then I am off to start my creations.

ALL of the gardens were gorgeous! © 2013

A great shop, sadly closed, thankfully too, i would have spent all of my money in there. © 2013
Sadly, we missed the play! Maybe next time. ©2013

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07 July 2013

A Fun video

How true this is. But. it is with a  lot of fun too!
Thanks Lou Jones for sharing!

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06 July 2013

A day sitting on the porch

Sitting on the stairs on a Warm Summer Day ©

While I was sitting on my deck cooling off this evening, I saw a woman sitting across the street. For some reason I was drawn to her. She was almost a painting. I saw the colors, the light, the position and I almost wanted to run in and get my pastels or brushes. 
Then I remembered... oh yeah, they are in my studio. 

So I ran up (ok.. walked slowly up the stairs.. it is VERY hot.) and got my camera a started shooting. I realized, hmm, I tell my students to walk up and ask and so I decided to do just that.  She is a lovely woman reading from her Kindle® and waiting for her ride in what shade there was. We chatted for a bit, I gave her my card and asked if I could PLEASE take her picture. She was absolutely gorgeous and I HAD to. 

So sweetly she allowed me to, and I just said.. do not change a thing, pretend, if you can, I am not here.. She was a WONDERFUL model. And I completed my task.. I got some wonderful images. I thank her greatly!

So lovely! © 2013

A Daguerreotype circa 2013? © 2013

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