29 September 2013

Head shots - a bit of a new logo?

I have been working on getting my head shots together, and also trying to get a better logo. I think I have decided that I need to redo the logo to something that is MUCH simpler AND can go on magnets, shirts, hats.. etc. SO, I redid that part, and then I decided to try to get more organized head shot cards.
Oh to keep up.. to keep up.

I am looking for some feedback, ideas, thoughts... anything? Throw it at me! :)

Tony W head shots - elisabeth neville photography © 2013

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15 September 2013

5th annual Hearts for Arts

I will be donating some artwork to the Arts for Hearts charity party. I am excited to be able to do this AND be included with some of the greatest artists in Boston! I'm honored! I hope some can make it and buy some great work!!!

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04 September 2013

Beads, beads, beads...

I have been trying to figure out this bead thing. I have ALWAYS wanted to do it and now I have a couple of friends who create beautiful artwork with them. I am noticing it is a great deal like knitting. You begin to collect them. Collect wire, string, beads, glass, plastic on and on.
 Now I think I have a new thing to add to my studio collections and projects. YEY!!

wire - 2013 © elisabeth neville

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